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This is a list of time zone abbreviations.

Abbr. Name UTC offset
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Savings Time UTC+10:30
ACST Australian Central Standard Time UTC+09:30
ACT Acre Time UTC-05
ACT ASEAN Common Time UTC+06:30 - UTC+09
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time UTC-03
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time UTC+11
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time UTC+10
AFT Afghanistan Time UTC+04:30
AKDT Alaska Daylight Time UTC-08
AKST Alaska Standard Time UTC-09
AMST Amazon Summer Time (Brazil)[1] UTC-03
AMT Amazon Time (Brazil)[2] UTC-04
AMT Armenia Time UTC+04
ART Argentina Time UTC-03
AST Arabia Standard Time UTC+03
AST Atlantic Standard Time UTC-04
AWST Australian Western Standard Time UTC+08
AZOST Azores Summer Time UTC±00
AZOT Azores Standard Time UTC-01
AZT Azerbaijan Time UTC+04
BDT Brunei Time UTC+08
BIOT British Indian Ocean Time UTC+06
BIT Baker Island Time UTC-12
BOT Bolivia Time UTC-04
BRST Brasilia Summer Time UTC-02
BRT Brasilia Time UTC-03
BST Bangladesh Standard Time UTC+06
BST Bougainville Standard Time[3] UTC+11
BST British Summer Time (British Standard Time from Feb 1968 to Oct 1971) UTC+01
BTT Bhutan Time UTC+06
CAT Central Africa Time UTC+02
CCT Cocos Islands Time UTC+06:30
CDT Central Daylight Time (North America) UTC-05
CDT Cuba Daylight Time[4] UTC-04
CEST Central European Summer Time (Cf. HAEC) UTC+02
CET Central European Time UTC+01
CHADT Chatham Daylight Time UTC+13:45
CHAST Chatham Standard Time UTC+12:45
CHOT Choibalsan Standard Time UTC+08
CHOST Choibalsan Summer Time UTC+09
CHST Chamorro Standard Time UTC+10
CHUT Chuuk Time UTC+10
CIST Clipperton Island Standard Time UTC-08
CIT Central Indonesia Time UTC+08
CKT Cook Island Time UTC-10
CLST Chile Summer Time UTC-03
CLT Chile Standard Time UTC-04
COST Colombia Summer Time UTC-04
COT Colombia Time UTC-05
CST Central Standard Time (North America) UTC-06
CST China Standard Time UTC+08
ACST Central Standard Time (Australia) UTC+09:30
ACDT Central Summer Time (Australia) UTC+10:30
CST Cuba Standard Time UTC-05
CT China time UTC+08
CVT Cape Verde Time UTC-01
CWST Central Western Standard Time (Australia) unofficial UTC+08:45
CXT Christmas Island Time UTC+07
DAVT Davis Time UTC+07
DDUT Dumont d'Urville Time UTC+10
DFT AIX specific equivalent of Central European Time[5] UTC+01
EASST Easter Island Summer Time UTC-05
EAST Easter Island Standard Time UTC-06
EAT East Africa Time UTC+03
ECT Eastern Caribbean Time (does not recognise DST) UTC-04
ECT Ecuador Time UTC-05
EDT Eastern Daylight Time (North America) UTC-04
AEDT Eastern Summer Time (Australia) UTC+11
EEST Eastern European Summer Time UTC+03
EET Eastern European Time UTC+02
EGST Eastern Greenland Summer Time UTC±00
EGT Eastern Greenland Time UTC-01
EIT Eastern Indonesian Time UTC+09
EST Eastern Standard Time (North America) UTC-05
AEST Eastern Standard Time (Australia) UTC+10
FET Further-eastern European Time UTC+03
FJT Fiji Time UTC+12
FKST Falkland Islands Summer Time UTC-03
FKT Falkland Islands Time UTC-04
FNT Fernando de Noronha Time UTC-02
GALT Galapagos Time UTC-06
GAMT Gambier Islands UTC-09
GET Georgia Standard Time UTC+04
GFT French Guiana Time UTC-03
GILT Gilbert Island Time UTC+12
GIT Gambier Island Time UTC-09
GMT Greenwich Mean Time UTC±00
GST South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands UTC-02
GST Gulf Standard Time UTC+04
GYT Guyana Time UTC-04
HADT Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time UTC-09
HAEC Heure Avancée d'Europe Centrale francised name for CEST UTC+02
HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time UTC-10
HKT Hong Kong Time UTC+08
HMT Heard and McDonald Islands Time UTC+05
HOVST Khovd Summer Time UTC+08
HOVT Khovd Standard Time UTC+07
ICT Indochina Time UTC+07
IDT Israel Daylight Time UTC+03
IOT Indian Ocean Time UTC+03
IRDT Iran Daylight Time UTC+04:30
IRKT Irkutsk Time UTC+08
IRST Iran Standard Time UTC+03:30
IST Indian Standard Time UTC+05:30
IST Irish Standard Time[6] UTC+01
IST Israel Standard Time UTC+02
JST Japan Standard Time UTC+09
KGT Kyrgyzstan time UTC+06
KOST Kosrae Time UTC+11
KRAT Krasnoyarsk Time UTC+07
KST Korea Standard Time UTC+09
LHST Lord Howe Standard Time UTC+10:30
LHST Lord Howe Summer Time UTC+11
LINT Line Islands Time UTC+14
MAGT Magadan Time UTC+12
MART Marquesas Islands Time UTC-09:30
MAWT Mawson Station Time UTC+05
MDT Mountain Daylight Time (North America) UTC-06
MET Middle European Time Same zone as CET UTC+01
MEST Middle European Summer Time Same zone as CEST UTC+02
MHT Marshall Islands UTC+12
MIST Macquarie Island Station Time UTC+11
MIT Marquesas Islands Time UTC-09:30
MMT Myanmar Standard Time UTC+06:30
MSK Moscow Time UTC+03
MST Malaysia Standard Time UTC+08
MST Mountain Standard Time (North America) UTC-07
MUT Mauritius Time UTC+04
MVT Maldives Time UTC+05
MYT Malaysia Time UTC+08
NCT New Caledonia Time UTC+11
NDT Newfoundland Daylight Time UTC-02:30
NFT Norfolk Time UTC+11
NPT Nepal Time UTC+05:45
NST Newfoundland Standard Time UTC-03:30
NT Newfoundland Time UTC-03:30
NUT Niue Time UTC-11
NZDT New Zealand Daylight Time UTC+13
NZST New Zealand Standard Time UTC+12
OMST Omsk Time UTC+06
ORAT Oral Time UTC+05
PDT Pacific Daylight Time (North America) UTC-07
PET Peru Time UTC-05
PETT Kamchatka Time UTC+12
PGT Papua New Guinea Time UTC+10
PHOT Phoenix Island Time UTC+13
PHT Philippine Time UTC+08
PKT Pakistan Standard Time UTC+05
PMDT Saint Pierre and Miquelon Daylight time UTC-02
PMST Saint Pierre and Miquelon Standard Time UTC-03
PONT Pohnpei Standard Time UTC+11
PST Pacific Standard Time (North America) UTC-08
PST Philippine Standard Time UTC+08
PYST Paraguay Summer Time (South America)[7] UTC-03
PYT Paraguay Time (South America)[8] UTC-04
RET Réunion Time UTC+04
ROTT Rothera Research Station Time UTC-03
SAKT Sakhalin Island time UTC+11
SAMT Samara Time UTC+04
SAST South African Standard Time UTC+02
SBT Solomon Islands Time UTC+11
SCT Seychelles Time UTC+04
SGT Singapore Time UTC+08
SLST Sri Lanka Standard Time UTC+05:30
SRET Srednekolymsk Time UTC+11
SRT Suriname Time UTC-03
SST Samoa Standard Time UTC-11
SST Singapore Standard Time UTC+08
SYOT Showa Station Time UTC+03
TAHT Tahiti Time UTC-10
THA Thailand Standard Time UTC+07
TFT Indian/Kerguelen UTC+05
TJT Tajikistan Time UTC+05
TKT Tokelau Time UTC+13
TLT Timor Leste Time UTC+09
TMT Turkmenistan Time UTC+05
TRT Turkey Time UTC+03
TOT Tonga Time UTC+13
TVT Tuvalu Time UTC+12
ULAST Ulaanbaatar Summer Time UTC+09
ULAT Ulaanbaatar Standard Time UTC+08
USZ1 Kaliningrad Time UTC+02
UTC Coordinated Universal Time UTC±00
UYST Uruguay Summer Time UTC-02
UYT Uruguay Standard Time UTC-03
UZT Uzbekistan Time UTC+05
VET Venezuelan Standard Time UTC-04
VLAT Vladivostok Time UTC+10
VOLT Volgograd Time UTC+04
VOST Vostok Station Time UTC+06
VUT Vanuatu Time UTC+11
WAKT Wake Island Time UTC+12
WAST West Africa Summer Time UTC+02
WAT West Africa Time UTC+01
WEST Western European Summer Time UTC+01
WET Western European Time UTC±00
WIT Western Indonesian Time UTC+07
WST Western Standard Time UTC+08
YAKT Yakutsk Time UTC+09
YEKT Yekaterinburg Time UTC+05

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ACWST – Australian Central Western Standard Time (Standard Time)

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