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21st London Film Critics Circle Awards

15 February 2001

Film of the Year:
Being John Malkovich

British Film of the Year:
Billy Elliot

The 21st London Film Critics Circle Awards, honouring the best in film for 2000, were announced by the London Film Critics Circle on 15 February 2001.[1][2][3]

Winners and nominees[edit]

Film of the Year[edit]

Being John Malkovich

British Film of the Year[edit]

Billy Elliot

Foreign Language Film of the Year[edit]

Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonTaiwan/Hong Kong/United States/China

Director of the Year[edit]

Spike Jonze - Being John Malkovich

British Director of the Year[edit]

Stephen Daldry - Billy Elliot

Screenwriter of the Year[edit]

Charlie Kaufman - Being John Malkovich

British Screenwriter of the Year[edit]

Christopher Nolan - Memento

Actor of the Year[edit]

Russell Crowe - Gladiator and The Insider

Actress of the Year[edit]

Julia Roberts - Erin Brockovich

British Actor of the Year[edit]

Jim Broadbent - Topsy-Turvy

British Actress of the Year[edit]

Julie Walters - Billy Elliot

British Supporting Actor of the Year[edit]

Albert Finney - Erin Brockovich

British Supporting Actress of the Year[edit]

Samantha Morton - Sweet and Lowdown

British Newcomer of the Year[edit]

Jamie Bell - Billy Elliot

British Producer of the Year[edit]

Greg Brenman and Jonathan Finn - Billy Elliot

Dilys Powell Award[edit]

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