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Low no.1 cover page.png
Cover of Low #1
Publication information
PublisherImage Comics
ScheduleMonthly; complete
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateJuly 2014 – December 2020
No. of issues26
Creative team
Written byRick Remender
Artist(s)Greg Tocchini
Colorist(s)Greg Tocchini (#1–7)
Dave McCaig (#8–26)

Low is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction comics series written by Rick Remender and drawn by Greg Tocchini. Low was published from July 2014 to December 2020 by Image Comics, for a total of 26 issues.

The series is set billions of years in the future of the Earth after the start of the sun's expansion into a red giant has made the surface uninhabitable. It follows the lives of the two million survivors in the underwater city of Salus; its helmsmen, the Caine family; and its pirate enemies. The protagonists of the first issues are Stel Caine, who searches for life-supporting planets with robotic probes, her husband Johl, and their children. Remender summarized the story as being about "one woman's optimism in the face of inevitable and true doom".[1]

The first issues of the series received critical praise. In Paste magazine, Robert Tutton wrote of the "primal, silent awe" inspired by Tocchini's "surreal" and "dazzling" art.[2] In IGN, Tres Dean noted the creators' "complex and intriguing worldbuilding and precise, emotional character work", as well as Tocchini's "impeccable and breathtaking" art.[3]

Collected editions[edit]

Title Material collected Publication date ISBN
Vol. 1: The Delirium of Hope Low #1–6 March 2015 1632151944
Vol. 2: Before the Dawn Burns Us Low #7–10 November 2015 1632154692
Vol. 3: Shore Of The Dying Light Low #11–15 October 2016 163215708X
Vol. 4: Outer Aspects of Inner Attitudes Low #16–19 September 2017 1534302298
Vol. 5: Light Brings Light Low #20–26 January 2021 1534305041
Low: Book One Low #1-15 October 2017 1534302433
Low: Book Two Low #16-26 August 2021 1534319202


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