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National Lucia Bride of Sweden (in Swedish: Sveriges Lucia) was a competition for Swedish females. The winner of the competition would be the "Lucia Bride" heading traditional Lucia processions on December 13, Saint Lucy's Day. The contest was usually held in churches or at the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm. It was held between 1973 to 2012, and it was sponsored by the publications Året Runt and Stockholm City. Between 2001 and 2007, the competition was called either "Årets Lucia" (Lucia of the year) or "Stockholms Lucia" (Lucia of Stockholm).

Prior to 2008 the event was mainly a beauty contest, but from that year the sponsors wished to judge the contestants primarily by their responses during an interview with the competition's judges, and on their singing ability. Every contestant represented a Swedish charity organization.[1]

Winners include Yvonne Ryding, titleholder of the 1983 contest, who became Miss Sweden and Miss Universe in following year.


Year Lucia Bride Presenter
1973 May Gret Andersson Princess Christina
1974 Anne Olofsdotter Nils Erik Baehrendtz
1975 Birgitta Lindvall Liv Ullmann
1976 Liselotte Cargain Saul Bellow
1977 Maria Sandahl Bertil Ohlin
1978 Elisabeth Bernhoff Ola Ullsten
1979 Gunilla Nilsson Britt Mogård
1980 Monica Rydell Jan-Erik Wikström
1981 Laura Wessberg Kai Siegbahn
1982 Carina Vogestedt Kai Siegbahn
1983 Yvonne Ryding William Golding
1984 Cecilia Gullin Ingemund Bengtsson
1985 Cecilia Ericsson Sten Andersson
1986 Martina Jansson Anders Wijkman
1987 Annelie Ericsson Astrid Lindgren
1988 Sophie Andersson Cyndee Peters
1989 Anna Kohlström Alice Babs
1990 Anna Jansson Princess Christina
1991 Monica Andreasson Eva Nordenson
1992 Linda Olofsson Derek Walcott
1993 Victoria Reichel Ulf Adelsohn
1994 Lisa Almgren Hans Alfredson
1995 Camilla Johansson Börje Ahlstedt
1996 Therése Nilsson Marita Ulvskog
1997 Linda Harritz Ulf Adelsohn
1998 Jenny Åkerström Peter Harrysson
1999 Linda Pettersson Herman Lindqvist
2000 Amanda Gustafsson Anna Maria Bildt
2001 Linda Cahling Thomas Di Leva
2002 Emma Johannesson Bibi Andersson
2003 Therése Andersson Lars Berghagen
2004 Karin Westerberg Leif Pagrotsky
2005 Isolde Palombo Michael Nyqvist
2006 Jennie Samuelsson Ernst Billgren
2007 Madeleine Gustafsson Paolo Roberto
2008 Emma Johansson Paolo Roberto


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