Miska the Magnate

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Miska the Magnate
Directed by Alexander Korda
Written by Károly Bakoni (play)
Andor Gábor (play)
Jenő Janovics
Starring Lili Berky
Victor Varconi
Alajos Mészáros
Cinematography Arpad Viragh
Release date
Country Hungary
Language Silent
Hungarian intertitles

Miska the Magnate (Hungarian: Mágnás Miska) is a 1916 Hungarian silent comedy film directed by Alexander Korda and starring Lili Berky, Victor Varconi and Alajos Mészáros. It was based on a popular stage musical comedy by Károly Bakoni and Andor Gábor.[1] The play was later turned into the 1949 film Mickey Magnate.



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