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SP Manweb plc
IndustryElectricity generation, transmission, distribution

MANWEB (Merseyside And North Wales Electricity Board) was the regional electricity supplier and distributor for Merseyside, North Wales and parts of Cheshire. It is now part of SP Energy Networks, itself a subsidiary of the Spanish energy company Iberdrola. In September 1994, MANWEB announced plans to slash five hundred jobs in the workforce.[1]

It was originally created in 1947, as the nationalised Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board in the Electricity Act 1947, but was privatised in 1990 to become Manweb plc.

It was purchased by Scottish Power in January 1996, and subsequently become SP Manweb plc. The Manweb name continued to be used alongside the Scottish Power logo on home and retail publications until the middle of 2007, when it was replaced by ScottishPower.

However, the Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales electricity distributor continues as SP Manweb plc, which is managed along with the Scottish transmission operators SP Distribution plc and SP Transmission plc as SP Energy Networks. A fourth company, SP Power Systems Ltd maintains the distribution networks for each of these companies.[2]


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