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CNR Changchun EMU (C-Train)
C6554-07E / C6554-12E
C-Train going to Yau Ma Tei.JPG
MTR C-train on the Kwun Tong line
MTR SouthIslandLine STrain A511-B906-A512 OCP.jpg
MTR S-train on the South Island line.
C-Train Interior.JPG
C-Train interior
MTR South Island Line C-Train interior 201612.jpg
S-Train interior
In service7 December 2011-present (Kwun Tong line)
28 December 2016-present (South Island line)
ManufacturerCNR Changchun
Built atChangchun, China
Entered service2011 (Kwun Tong line)
2016 (South Island line)
Number built22 trains with 8 carriages
10 trains with 3 carriages[1]
Formation3 (South Island line)
8 per trainset (all other lines)
Capacity2496 (8-car train)[2]
938 (3-car train)
Depot(s)Kowloon Bay Depot (Kwun Tong Line) Wong Chuk Hang Depot (South Island Line)
Line(s) served     Kwun Tong line
     South Island line
Car body constructionStainless steel
Car lengthsee the corresponding table
Width3,000 mm (9 ft 10.11 in) (Kwun Tong Line stock) 3,120 mm (10 ft 2.83 in) (South Island Line stock)
Height3,698 mm (12 ft 1.591 in) (without pantograph or air conditioner)
Floor height1,100 mm (3 ft 7.307 in)
Doors10 per carriage (5 doors per side)
Maximum speed80 km/h (50 mph) (service)
90 km/h (56 mph) (design)
WeightAxle load: 17.5 t[2]
Traction systemUrban lines: IGBT-VVVF (Mitsubishi Electric)
South Island line: IGBT-VVVF (Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipment/Alstom OPTONIX)
Traction motorsUrban lines: AC Traction Motors (Mitsubishi Electric)
South Island line: AC Traction Motors (Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipment/Alstom)
Acceleration1.3 m/s2 (4.3 ft/s2)
(4.68 km/(h⋅s) or 2.91 mph/s)
DecelerationService 1.35 m/s2 (4.4 ft/s2) (4.86 km/(h⋅s) or 3.02 mph/s)
Emergency 1.4 m/s2 (4.6 ft/s2) (5.04 km/(h⋅s) or 3.13 mph/s)
Electric system(s)1.5 kV DC Overhead catenary
Current collection methodPantograph
Braking system(s)Regenerative and Pneumatic
Safety system(s)     Kwun Tong line:
Alstom SACEM ATP and ATS, with ATO
Future: Thales SelTrac CBTC ATC with subsystems of ATO GOA 3 (DTO), ATP, NetTrac ATS, CBI
     South Island line:
Alstom URBALIS 400 UTO
Coupling systemBSI Coupler
Track gauge1,432 mm (4 ft 8 38 in) (Kwun Tong Line to Yau Ma Tei) 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (South Island line and Kwun Tong line extension)

The Changchun EMU or CNR Changchun EMU is an electric multiple unit train type of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in Hong Kong. It is designed and manufactured by Changchun Railway Vehicles, a member of CNR group (now part of CRRC Corporation). They were the first MTR heavy-rail stock to be manufactured in Mainland China, while past orders came from England, Japan, Europe or South Korea.

The trains come in two versions: the C-Train, a manned eight-car train which is used mainly on the Kwun Tong line[3]; and the S-Train, a driverless three-car variant which operates on the South Island line since its opening in December 2016. Similar trains have been ordered for the future East West Corridor, also known as EWL C-Train, which entered service on the Ma On Shan line on 12 March 2017; however, these trains bear a resemblance to the older SP1900 EMUs.


Designed in 18 months, the first C-Train rolled off the production lines at CNR's plant on 6 December 2010.[4] It was transported to Hong Kong on 28 April 2011.[5] By 16 October, 4 sets had arrived and were undergoing testing on the Kwun Tong Line, where were first expected enter service sometime in November of the same year.[6][7][8][9][10]

On 22 July 2011, MTR ordered 12 eight-car C-trains to increase the urban line fleet for the West Island Line extension and 10 three-car S-Trains for the first phase of the South Island Line.[1]

The first C-Train entered service on the Kwun Tong Line on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 in the evening.[11] They were introduced on 29 May 2012 to the Tsuen Wan Line and on 13 May 2013 to the Tseung Kwan O Line. The last of the 8-car trains was handed over on 5 September 2013, and entered service on the Kwun Tong Line shortly after.[12][13]

The S-Trains began operating on 28 December 2016, the day the South Island Line commenced service.

Train configurations[edit]

Kwun Tong line (contract number C6554-07E - 22 sets)[edit]

Kwun Tong line train car types
Car type Control cab Traction motor Pantograph auto-
Car length (mm) No. of seats Wheelchair space Number in fleet
A control cab car O X X O 23090 45 1 28
B motor car X O X X 21600 39 3 42
C pantograph car X O O O 21600 39 3 42
Westbound (to Whampoa Kwun Tong line sets (22 sets) Eastbound (to Tiu Keng Leng
  • A351-C351-B351-B851-C851-B352-C352-A352
  • A353-C353-B353-B852-C852-B354-C354-A354
  • A355-C355-B355-B853-C853-B356-C356-A356
  • A357-C357-B357-B854-C854-B358-C358-A358
  • A359-C359-B359-B855-C855-B360-C360-A360
  • A361-C361-B361-B856-C856-B362-C362-A362
  • A363-C363-B363-B857-C857-B364-C364-A364
  • A365-C365-B365-B858-C858-B366-C366-A366
  • A367-C367-B367-B859-C859-B368-C368-A368
  • A369-C369-B369-B860-C860-B370-C370-A370
  • A371-C371-B371-B861-C861-B372-C372-A372
  • A373-C373-B373-B862-C862-B374-C374-A374
  • A375-C375-B375-B863-C863-B376-C376-A376
  • A377-C377-B377-B864-C864-B378-C378-A378
  • A379-C379-B379-B865-C865-B380-C380-A380
  • A381-C381-B381-B866-C866-B382-C382-A382
  • A383-C383-B383-B867-C867-B384-C384-A384
  • A385-C385-B385-B868-C868-B386-C386-A386
  • A387-C387-B387-B869-C869-B388-C388-A388
  • A389-C389-B389-B870-C870-B390-C390-A390
  • A391-C391-B391-B871-C871-B392-C392-A392
  • A393-C393-B393-B872-C872-B394-C394-A394
  • Cars 2 to 7 (B and C cars) feature two large standing spaces in place of six seats each, and one small wheelchair space replacing 3 seats.
  • The A car is a quiet car (TV speakers muted)

Supplement to 22 sets of MTR Metro Cammell EMU(DC)

South Island line (contract number C6554-12E - 10 sets)[edit]

In this configuration, the pantograph is situated on the end cars (A car), while all three cars will have a motor each (no trailer cars). Like the converted M-Trains used on the Disneyland Resort line, these trains are fully automated, but unlike the DRL trains, the driver's cab has been replaced by extra passenger space, with an unobstructed view out the front windows (similar to that of the HKIA automated people mover). The trains feature a different interior compared to the Kwun Tong Line configuration as well as a different paint scheme and headlight styling. Designed in sixteen months, all ten three-car trains are now in service.

Eastbound/Northbound (to Admiralty South Island line sets (10 sets) Southbound/Westbound (to South Horizons
  • A501-B901-A502
  • A503-B902-A504
  • A505-B903-A506
  • A507-B904-A508
  • A509-B905-A510
  • A511-B906-A512
  • A513-B907-A514
  • A515-B908-A516
  • A517-B909-A518
  • A519-B910-A520
  • Entered service on December 28, 2016.
  • Cab car facing the direction of South Horizons is a quiet car.


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