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Maabus cover.jpg
Developer(s)Microforum International
Publisher(s)Monolith Productions
Platform(s)MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x
Genre(s)Action, Adventure

Maabus is an action/adventure computer game developed by Canadian studio Microforum International and released by Monolith Productions in 1994.


The player is in control of a weaponized probe sent to a remote tropical island where strange dangerous radiation has been detected, and must fight giant creatures, solve puzzles and find the source of the radiation.


Next Generation reviewed the PC version of the game, rating it one star out of five, and stated that "unless looking at a handful of pretty pictures and dying in countlessly unpredictable ways is your idea of fun, spend your money on something else."[1]

Entertainment Weekly gave the game an A- and described the game as a combination of Myst, Doom, and The 7th Guest. They wrote that the game is as addictive as any of the games it draws inspiration from.[2]



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