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Developer(s)Monolith Productions
Publisher(s)Monolith Productions
Producer(s)Chris Hewett
Designer(s)Chris Hewett
Jace Hall
Programmer(s)Brian L. Goble
John LaCasse
Bryan Bouwman
Artist(s)Garrett Price
Israel Evans
Aaron Carlson
Composer(s)Daniel Bernstein
Guy Whitmore
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
  • NA: August 22, 1998
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Get Medieval is an action game developed and published by Monolith Productions for Windows in 1998. It is an overhead shooter in which the player can control one of four characters in a dungeon. Get Medieval gameplay is similar to that of Atari's 1985 arcade game Gauntlet.


It can be played in three modes (Dragon Quest, Random Dungeon, Custom Dungeon) and on four difficulty levels. The game's four player characters: Archer (Eryc), The Barbarian (Zared), The Sorceress (Levina), and The Avenger (Kellina),[1] differ only in speed and strength. The slowest character (Zared) is the strongest, the fastest (Eryc) the weakest. Players can find Attack and Defense upgrades, losing them once their characters die. In the multiplayer mode, the game can be played via hotseat or network.

This game came with a world editor called "GMedit" (or "WapWorld"), which allows players to make custom levels. Users can do everything that Monolith Games did in their levels, but it does not give a full control on the level. Custom levels can only contain a maximum of five kinds of enemies and their spawners in a specific dungeon


The female warrior Kellina's father was killed by a giant dragon that terrorizes the kingdom and dwells in a dungeon protected by its minions. Kellina and her friends embark on a quest to kill the dragon.


Get Medieval received generally positive reviews. IGN's Trent C. Ward complimented the game's presentation, but felt that the humor in the game was overdone, for a score of 6.1/10.[2] Jason D'Aprile, of GamePro noted the game's similarity to Gauntlet, but praised the game's sound effects and overall look.[3] GameSpot's Tahsin Shamma gave it a score of 7.1/10 and wrote, "this game may be Gauntlet, but Gauntlet is still a lot of fun."[4] French website scored it a 17/20 as "a great action/RPG in Gauntlet style,"[5] and GameRevolution rated it a B as "a nice update to a classic game [that] understands its limits and accepts its fate with wry humor."[6]


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