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Make Up My Heart is the power ballad from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express. It is performed by Pearl. During the song, she is deciding between the two she has fallen in love with. Electra is strong and has style, whilst Rusty is good and makes me smile.

The song commences during act 1, and was added into the show first for broadway, before being added into the re-written London production. As far as the structure goes it replaced Pearl's other number 'He Whistled At Me', which was moved to another point in the show. It also replaced her previous power ballad 'Only He', which occurred before the duet; Only You.

The German equivalent is 'Hilf mir versteh'n', which means 'Help Me Understand'. The Spanish equivalent is 'No Resiste Mi Corazón', meaning 'My Heart Does Not Resist'.

Music and Lyrics[edit]

The music is by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics are the work of Richard Stilgoe. The song is in E flat major in most productions, with the exception of Broadway, where it was in F major.

The English language lyrics always start with;

It's time to choose between the two of them
I'd better make a start
Someone help me make up my heart
Tell me how to make up my heart

The German version being far from a translation;

Weiß nicht, für wen ich mich entscheiden soll (I don't know for whom I should decide)
Mit einem muß ich gehn (I have to go with one of them)
Dies Gefühl kann keiner versteh'n (This is a feeling no one can understand)
Ich kann mich selbst nicht mehr versteh'n (I can't understand myself any more)


Hilf mir versteh'n[edit]

No Resiste Mi Corazón[edit]

  • Maru Dueñas (1997)


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