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Marc "Mahk" LeBlanc is an educator about and designer of video games.

LeBlanc attended MIT where he received a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science.

Through his work with Looking Glass Studios, LeBlanc contributed to a number of important video game titles including Ultima Underworld II, System Shock, Flight Unlimited, Terra Nova, and Thief.[1]

After Looking Glass, LeBlanc went to work for Sega, developing artificial intelligence for the Visual Concepts line of sports games. In 2003, LeBlanc went to work for Mind Control Software, where, with Andrew Leker, he co-developed Oasis, which won an Independent Games Festival award. In addition, LeBlanc has participated in a number of Indie Game Jams.

LeBlanc has led a number of Game Design Tuning Workshops at the Game Developers Conference, where he explores his theories on game design, specifically the Mechanics/Dynamics/Aesthetics (MDA) framework. MDA is based in part on the Formal Abstract Design Tools for games discussion initiated by Doug Church. LeBlanc runs a site,, including the MDA work and his breakdown of "fun" for game design.


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