Marina Zueva

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Marina Zueva
Grand Prix Final Tessa VIRTUE Scott MOIR 2007-2008.jpg
Zueva with former students Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Personal information
Full name Marina Olegovna Zueva
Country represented Soviet Union
Born (1956-04-09) April 9, 1956 (age 61)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Former partner Andrei Vitman
Former coach Elena Tchaikovskaia

Marina Olegovna Zueva (Russian: Марина Олеговна Зуева, also romanized French-style as Zoueva; born April 9, 1956) is a Russian ice dancing and singles coach and choreographer. She coaches three-time (2011, 2012, 2013) World Champion and 2014 Olympic silver medalist in men's singles Patrick Chan, 2-time US National Champion Gracie Gold, as well as three time world medalists and two-time US national champions Maia Shibutani / Alex Shibutani . She is the former coach of the 2010 Olympic champions and three-time (2010, 2012, 2017) World champions in ice dancing, Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir, as well as the 2014 Olympic champions and two-time (2011, 2013) World champions in ice dancing Meryl Davis / Charlie White and the 2014 ice dance World Champions Anna Cappellini / Luca Lanotte. Zueva is based in Canton, Michigan.

Competitive career[edit]

Zueva and Vitman in Berlin in October 1975

Zueva competed for the Soviet Union as an ice dancer with partner Andrei Vitman. They won two national bronze medals at the Soviet Championships. They finished fifth at the 1977 European and World Championships. The next season, they were sixth at the 1978 European Championships and seventh at the World Championships.[1]

Event 1975–1976 1976–1977 1977–1978 1978–1979
World Championships 5th 7th
European Championships 5th 6th
Prize of Moscow News 3rd 3rd 3rd
Skate Canada 2nd 3rd
Soviet Championships 3rd 3rd

Coaching and choreography career[edit]

Zueva retired from ice dancing at the end of the 1970s to become a choreographer. Her final assignment toward receiving her choreography degree at the National Theatre Institute in Moscow in 1982 was the creation of a routine for Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Throughout the 1980s, she continued to choreograph for this elite pair, creating their programs to Moonlight Sonata, Vocalise, and Romeo and Juliet. In 1993, Gordeeva and Grinkov hired Zueva to work with them again on their 1994 Olympics routines, and their collaboration continued until Grinkov's death in late 1995. Zueva then choreographed most of Gordeeva's solo programs through 2000.[1]

Zueva left Russia in 1991[2] to work as a coach and choreographer in North America. She currently coaches at the Arctic Figure Skating Club in Canton, Michigan as part of the International Skating Academy. In 2001, she began coaching in partnership with Igor Shpilband.[3] On June 3, 2012, she confirmed that they were no longer working together.[4][5]

Zueva's current students include:

Zueva's former students include:

Her choreography clients have included Sasha Cohen, Marin Honda, Takahiko Kozuka, Yukari Nakano, Alissa Czisny, and Yulia Lipnitskaya.

Personal life[edit]

Zueva is the mother of Fedor Andreev – born March 2, 1982 in Moscow – who competed for Canada as a singles skater and Russia as an ice dancer.[18][19] She is a naturalized Canadian citizen but works mainly in the United States. Zueva was formerly married to Alexei Tchetverukhin.[18] She holds a master's degree of Physical Science from St. Petersburg University.


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