Marion County Lake

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Marion County Lake
Map of Marion Co, Ks, USA.png
Location Marion County, Kansas
Coordinates 38°18′54″N 96°59′31″W / 38.31500°N 96.99194°W / 38.31500; -96.99194Coordinates: 38°18′54″N 96°59′31″W / 38.31500°N 96.99194°W / 38.31500; -96.99194
Type Lake
Primary outflows Cottonwood River
Basin countries United States
Managing agency Marion County
Built 1937 (1937)
Surface area 300 acres (1.2 km2)
Surface elevation 1,339 feet (408 m)
Settlements Marion
References [1]

Marion County Lake is a body of water, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south-east of Marion, on the western edge of the Flint Hills region of Kansas in the United States.

This smaller lake is often confused with the similar named yet larger Marion Reservoir, which is north-west of Marion. Most locals refer to the larger body of water using the term 'Reservoir', and the smaller body of water using the term 'Lake' (this article).


Marion County Lake is located in Centre Township of Marion County, Kansas, United States. There are three entrances into the lake area. The north entry is 1 mile east of Marion on K-256 / 190th Street / Main Street, then 1.75 miles south on Upland Road. The east entry is 3/4 mile west of U.S. Route 77 on 170th Street. The west entry is rural un-paved county roads of 170th Street or Turkey Creek Road.


Early history[edit]

For many millennia, the Great Plains of North America was inhabited by nomadic Native Americans. From the 16th century to 18th century, the Kingdom of France claimed ownership of large parts of North America. In 1762, after the French and Indian War, France secretly ceded New France to Spain, per the Treaty of Fontainebleau.

19th century[edit]

In 1802, Spain returned most of the land to France. In 1803, most of the land for modern day Kansas was acquired by the United States from France as part of the 828,000 square mile Louisiana Purchase for 2.83 cents per acre.

In 1854, the Kansas Territory was organized, then in 1861 Kansas became the 34th U.S. state. In 1855, Marion County was established within the Kansas Territory, which included the land for modern day Lake.[2]

20th century[edit]

In 1937, Marion County Lake was completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps for the purpose of recreation.

21st century[edit]

In 2002, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

In 2012, an event was held at the park to set the Guinness World Record for the "most people roasting marshmallows at once". The official count was 1,272 people.[3]



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