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Marios Kyriazis

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Marios Kyriazis
Born (1956-03-11) 11 March 1956 (age 68)
Larnaca, Cyprus
NationalityBritish, Greek Cypriot
Occupation(s)Anti-aging Physician and Biogerontologist
Years active30
Known forWork in Life Extension

Marios Kyriazis (Greek: Μάριος Κυριαζής; born 11 March 1956) is a medical doctor and gerontologist. He is known for work, publications and involvement with life extension.[1]

Applying the concept of hormesis on anti-ageing medicine, Kyriazis controversially suggested that leading a stressful, irregular and constantly stimulating lifestyle may be a way of reducing the impact of age-related dysfunction.[2][3][4]

Medical history


In 1996 Kyriazis founded the Historical Medical Equipment Society,[citation needed] which aims to study old medical instruments related to the history of medicine in the UK.[5] The first public lecture was given at the University of London with support from the Wellcome Trust. As of July 2018, the society is no longer in existence.

In 2001, in association with the Larnaca Municipality, he organised an exhibition on the medical history in Cyprus with the theme "Medicine in Ancient Kition and Old Larnaca",[citation needed] accompanied by a book on the matter with the same title.[6]

Following the tradition of other benefactors in the family (such as his grandfather Dr Neoclis Kyriazis and his great- uncle Damianos Kyriazis), in 2008 he founded the Kyriazis Medical Museum, a cultural charitable foundation aiming to safe keep old medical items and traditions of Cyprus, and to educate the public on the Cypriot Medical History.[7]

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