Marymount, Singapore

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Subzone of Bishan Planning Area
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese玛丽蒙
 • Tamilமேரிமவுண்ட்
Country Singapore
RegionCentral Region
Planning AreaBishan

Marymount (Chinese: 玛丽蒙, Tamil: மேரிமவுண்ட்) is a subzone within the planning area of Bishan, Singapore, as defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Its boundary is made up of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 in the north; Bishan Road in the east; Braddell Road in the south; and Marymount Road in the west.[1]


The name Marymount comes from the Mandarin pronunciation of the word MacRitchie, the name of the nearby reservoir. When MacRitchie is translated to Mandarin, it is pronounced as "Ma Li Qi", which literally means "Mary ride", or as the name suggests, "Marymount".[citation needed]