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The McCoy Center
McCoy Building (Columbus, Ohio - 13 08 2008).jpg
General information
Status Complete
Type Office[1]
Location 1111 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240
Coordinates 40°8′28″N 82°59′50″W / 40.14111°N 82.99722°W / 40.14111; -82.99722Coordinates: 40°8′28″N 82°59′50″W / 40.14111°N 82.99722°W / 40.14111; -82.99722
Opening 1996 [1]
Cost $242 million[1]
Technical details
Floor area 2,000,000 sq ft (185,800 m2)[1]

The McCoy Center is an office building located in Columbus, Ohio. The building is named after longtime Bank One president John G. McCoy.[1] The bank was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. after a merger with Bank One Corporation in 2004. Inside is a gift shop, Starbucks, shipping center, car rental, nurse's station, day care center, two cafeterias, a bistro, five Chase automated teller machines, and a personal banker.[1] The building is located off Polaris Parkway, home of the Polaris Fashion Place mall.

The facility—¼ mile from end to end—houses approximately 13,000 employees in a space equal in square footage to the Empire State Building. At 2 million-square-feet, it is the largest JPMorgan Chase & Co. facility in the world, the largest office building in the Columbus, Ohio area, and the second largest single-tenant office building in the United States behind The Pentagon,[1] from which the McCoy Center has borrowed its way-finding system. Only a handful of office buildings in the U.S. - the 5.7 million-square-foot Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Building in Seattle and the 4.4 million-square-foot McDermott Building in San Antonio among them - are bigger.[2]


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