The Metropolitan (Rochester)

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The Metropolitan [1]
Chase Tower Rochester, New York; cropped.jpg
The Metropolitan in downtown Rochester, looking northwest
General information
Status Complete
Type Mixed-Use
Location 1 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14604
Coordinates 43.156550, -77.606863
Completed 1973
Renovated 1987 & 2015
Cost US$20 million[2]
Owner Gallina Development Corporation[3]
Roof 392 feet (119 m)
Technical details
Floor count 27
Floor area 356,000 sq ft (33,073 m2)[2]
Lifts/elevators made by Haughton
Design and construction
Architect John Graham & Company

The Metropolitan, formerly known as Chase Tower (before 2015), and Lincoln First Bank (before 1996), is a skyscraper located in Rochester, New York, United States. It is the third tallest skyscraper in Rochester, standing at 392 feet (119 m). It has 27 floors and was constructed in 1973. The architect responsible for designing the building was John Graham & Company. It serves as the upstate New York headquarters of JPMorgan Chase. The building is unique for its outstanding white vertical fins and the fact that it curves outward on the bottom.[4] This building is also known for its fast elevators. Many people refer to them as "rockets". They were installed in the 1970s and travel at about 1000 feet per minute.

Damage to fins[edit]

The white fins were originally made with marble panel coverings. By the 1980s, however, these began to warp and loosen. They were replaced with painted aluminum panels.

The Metropolitan was renovated in 1987. It has 474,325 square feet (44,066.2 m2) of gross area, with 424,000 square feet (39,400 m2) of leasable office space.[5]

The upper floors of the building were converted to apartments in 2016 with condos coming in 2018. [6]


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