McLaren MP4/15

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McLaren MP4/15
Category Formula One
Constructor McLaren
Designer(s) Adrian Newey
Predecessor MP4/14
Successor MP4-16
Technical specifications
Chassis carbon-fibre monocoque
Suspension (front) Double wishbones, pushrod
Suspension (rear) Double wishbones, pushrod
Engine Mercedes-Benz FO110J V10 (72°) naturally aspirated
Transmission McLaren 7-speed longitudinal semi-automatic
Fuel Mobil 1
Tyres Bridgestone
Competition history
Notable entrants West McLaren Mercedes
Notable drivers 1. Finland Mika Häkkinen
2. United Kingdom David Coulthard
Debut 2000 Australian Grand Prix
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0

The McLaren MP4/15 was the chassis with which McLaren-Mercedes competed in the 2000 Formula One season. The car proved highly competitive and scored seven victories, but was still narrowly beaten to both championships by Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari F1-2000.

David Coulthard driving the McLaren MP4/15 at the 2000 Canadian Grand Prix.