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Medion AG
Traded asFWBMDN, See parent
ISINDE0006605009 Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersEssen, Germany
Area served
United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Fitness equipment
Revenue€ 1.43 billion (2011)[2]
Number of employees
1013 (2011)

Medion AG is a German consumer electronics company owned by Lenovo.[3] The company operates in Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company's main products are computers and notebooks, but also smartphones, tablet computers, digital cameras, TVs, refrigerators, toasters, and fitness equipment.


Medion products in Australia[4] and the United States are available exclusively at Aldi[5] and Super Billing Computers, with some products (such as DVD players) branded as Tevion (Aldi's own brand). Some of Medion's formal laptops were sold in North America at Best Buy stores and were sold in Canada at Future Shop as Cicero Computers.[6]

In the United Kingdom, Medion products, including laptop and desktop computers, have been sold by Aldi, Sainsbury's, Somerfield, Woolworths, and Tesco, as well as being sold direct through Medion's own Web site and various other online retailers.

Medion launched MEDIONMobile as ALDIMobile in Australia in an agreement with Aldi Stores.[7] Medion Australia Pty Limited remains as the owner of ALDIMobile.[8]

Medion Akoya E1210.

In China Medion products are sold under the Lenovo brand, but not all Lenovo branded products are Medion products.


Medion sponsored Sahara Force India through Formula One Team driver Adrian Sutil in Formula One in 2007 to 2011, until Sutil left the team. In 2013 Sutil returned to Sahara Force India, and Medion returned as a sponsor. Sutil and Medion left the sport at the end of 2013.[9]

Medion brands[edit]

Other brands used on Medion products:

  • Cybercom
  • Cybermaxx
  • Life
  • Lifetec
  • Micromaxx
  • Essenitel b
  • Ordissimo
  • PEAQ

These Medion products can be recognized by the serial number starting with "MD" or "LT".[10]


On 1 June 2011, the Chinese multinational Lenovo Group (LNVGY) announced plans to acquire Medion AG.[11] Since August 2011, they hold the majority stake in Medion.[12]


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