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Studio album by Omar Rodríguez-López
Released January 26, 2009
Recorded 2006
Genre Experimental rock
Length 39:13
Label Willie Anderson Recordings
Producer Omar Rodríguez-López
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Megaritual is a record by Omar Rodríguez-López released by Willie Anderson Recordings.[1]

Megaritual is the fifth and final album in the series initiated and recorded by Omar Rodriguez Lopez in Amsterdam in 2005. Committed to tape in 2006 and mixed the following year, the album features nine instrumental tracks performed solely by Rodriguez-Lopez and his brother, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez. Omar claims Megaritual was "an exercise to be closer to my brother." [2]

The first three tracks, and their titles, all flow together to form one 10-minute piece.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "A Device Imagined to Turn" – 3:22
  2. "Screaming Babies Inside Out" – 3:22
  3. "At the Push of a Button" – 3:22
  4. "Bells at the Slipstream" – 3:56
  5. "Good Is Repaid With Evil" – 2:30
  6. "Panta Section" – 6:51
  7. "Hands Vs. Helix" – 3:08
  8. "Dispanec Triage" – 7:47
  9. "Dead Hisses to Match Our Own" – 4:55


Release history[edit]

Region Date Label
United Kingdom January 26, 2009 Willie Anderson Recordings