Metal Man (beacon)

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Metal Man
County Sligo - Metal Man Beacon - .jpeg
Metal Man beacon
LocationCounty Sligo, Ireland
Coordinates54°18′13″N 8°34′32″W / 54.30361°N 8.57556°W / 54.30361; -8.57556Coordinates: 54°18′13″N 8°34′32″W / 54.30361°N 8.57556°W / 54.30361; -8.57556
Constructed1819 (1819)
ConstructionCast-iron, metal-plate
First lit1821
Focal height3 m (9.8 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
Range7 nmi (13 km; 8.1 mi) Edit this on Wikidata
CharacteristicFl(3) W 6.1s Edit this on Wikidata

The Metal Man is a beacon off the coast of the Rosses Point Peninsula in County Sligo, Ireland.


The Metal Man is a freestanding painted cast iron statue of a Royal Navy petty officer. It is placed between Rosses Point and Oyster Island. It was cast in 1819 by Thomas Kirke in London.[1]

It was placed on Perch Rock in 1821. It was originally made for the Blackrock Beacon, but Sligo merchants suggested it be placed on Perch Rock. It has an identical twin beacon the Metal Man, Tramore, County Waterford. From 16 October 1908, an acetylene light was placed beside him. In 1934, it changed from a single Red flash every 3 seconds to a Double Red Flash every 5 seconds. From 2003, it was converted from gas to solar power and only illuminates at night.[2][3]

The Metal Man was painted by Jack Butler Yeats a number of times including Memory Harbour.[4][5]

Current status[edit]

There is a campaign undertaken by a local group which has been highlighting the deteriorating condition of the beacon called Save the Metal Man.[4][3]

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