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Metamorfosis World Tour

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Metamorfosis World Tour
World tour by Ricardo Arjona
Metamorfosis World Tour Poster.png
Promotional poster for the tour
Associated album Independiente
Start date 27 January 2012
End date 23 March 2013
Legs 5
No. of shows 102
Box office $11.7 million (US dates)
Ricardo Arjona concert chronology

The Metamorfosis World Tour was a worldwide concert tour by Guatemalan singer–songwriter Ricardo Arjona in support of his thirteenth studio album, Independiente. Beginning in January 2012, it was Arjona's first tour since leaving Warner Music to become an independent artist. The tour was announced in December 2011[1] with dates at American, Argentinian and Chilean venues, and received a positive critical response. The show was designed for a revolving stage, with Arjona performing while the scenery changed with the songs being performed. Four changes of scenery were developed: a two-floor apartment, a bar, a circus and a theatre. The number of songs played at each show varied from 19 to 23.

The tour broke several records. In Buenos Aires it was the best-attended show ever at Velez Stadium, attracting a total audience of more than 160,000. In Guatemala City, Arjona became the first artist with two consecutive sold-out concerts at the Mateo Flores Stadium. The tour was seen by more than two million people in twenty countries.[2] Most songs performed were from Independiente, and fellow Guatemalan singer–songwriter Gaby Moreno joined Arjona for "Fuiste Tú". The Metamorfosis World Tour followed Arjona's Quinto Piso Tour (one of the most successful tours by a Latin artist, with a total attendance of over one million in 19 countries).[3]


Weeks before the release of Independiente, Arjona published an open letter concerning his past relationships with recording companies. He revealed the circumstances surrounding his first contract ("a producer, friend of mine, told them [the record label] that if they did not sign me in, they won't sign two artists he had [at that time]"), explaining that he received the "minimum royalty percentage" from his most successful albums.[4] Independiente is Arjona's first independent release on his own label: Metamorfosis, a company he created to refocus his career.[5] The company is headed by Arjona and several friends (including photographer–director Ricardo Calderón, Universal Music México executive Humberto Calderon and BMG's Miriam Sommerz), and is based in Miami and Mexico City.[6] Arjona asserted that his independence represented compromise more than freedom: "Inside the word 'Independent', even when it sounds like extreme freedom, there's a big amount of compromise and the responsibility of being able to administrate, in the best way possible, such independence".[7] Billboard noted that while other groups have released independent albums following contracts with major labels, Arjona is the foremost Latin pop artist to do so.[6] Although the album is marketed by the new label, its distribution is handled by Warner Music.[8]

Concert synopsis[edit]


Performers on stage in front of large screen, seen from crowd with raised hands
The stage, showing the main LCD screen through which several images are displayed during the show
Oval stage, with blue lights and smoke
The revolving stage, showing a change from one design to the next
Young, long-haired singer, standing at microphone in front of brick-wall background
Arjona performing "Hay Amores" at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles in March 2012
Singer on stage balcony flanked by musicians, below classic car on TV screen
The singer performing "Lo Que Está Bien Esta Mal" in Tijuana, Mexico, October 2012

The show was designed for a revolving stage divided into four sets,[9] with Arjona performing with seven musicians and a showgirl.[10] Fifty people were needed to set up the 45-ton stage, which was transported on 17 trucks.[11] One hundred fifty lights,[12] (seventy of which were mobile)[13] were used during each concert, in addition to ten tons of scenery.[9] Each set related to the songs being performed. The first evoked a two-floor apartment with books, tables and chairs. Here Arjona sang "Lo Que Está Bien Está Mal", "Animal Nocturno", "Hay Amores", "Desnuda" and "El Amor" (during the set change).[10][14] The second set represented a bar,[10][15] where the singer performed "Historia de Taxi" and "Como Duele". He then interacted with the audience on "Pingüinos en La Cama"; during some concerts Arjona sang to a fan's phone,[16] and invited an older woman onstage to accompany him on "Señora De Las Cuatro Décadas".[16][17]

The third set was a circus,[15] usually changing while Arjona performed "Reconciliación".[16] Other songs performed on this set were "Tarde (Sin Daños a Terceros)", "Fuiste Tú" (with fellow Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno), "Te Conozco" and "Si El Norte Fuera El Sur".[16][18] The fourth set was a theatre,[15] similar to the first.[16] Here the singer performed "El Problema" before leaving the stage, simulating the end of the concert. After a few minutes, Arjona returned to close the show with "Minutos" and "Mujeres".[10][16][18]

A large LCD screen was over the stage. At the beginning of the concert a fictional news program called Metamorfosis[16] showed a series of images from Arjona's life,[10] (while "Vida" played in the background)[10] with images of Salvador Allende, Frida Kahlo, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and others during other songs.[16] In Santiago de Chile, the Chilean flag and peace symbols appeared on the screen.[16] In Buenos Aires, the Argentine flag was shown.[18]


The number of songs played during each concert varied from 19 to 23; seven were from Independiente. Gaby Moreno appeared during every concert to perform "Fuiste Tú". The show began with a video presentation, with "Vida" from Poquita Ropa as background music.[10][17][19] The video consisted of images (including those of a young Arjona),[10] movies and shows.[16] Arjona then arrived to sing "Lo Que Está Bien Está Mal",[10][18] "Animal Nocturno" (from the album of the same name), "Hay Amores" and "Desnuda" (from the album Vivo).[10][16] In some cities (including Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile), Arjona performed "Acompáñame A Estar Solo" before "El Amor";[16] in Monterrey, "El Amor" was performed first.[10]

At his concert in Mendoza, Arjona observed that "The day I chose this career was the day I realized that a spoken verse could earn you a slap, but a sung verse could give you sighs."[20] He then sang "Mi Novia Se Me Está Poniendo Vieja", a song he wrote for his mother.[21][22] "Dime Que No" and "Como Duele" followed; in Santiago de Chile, "Dime Que No" was replaced by "Historia de Taxi".[16] After "Como Duele" in some shows, "Pingüinos En La Cama" was performed before "Señora De Las Cuatro Décadas".[16] "Reconciliación" was performed next, while the set changed to a circus.[14]

In some concerts "Fuiste Tú" was played before the set changed to a circus, before "Reconciliación".[10] In Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, "Fuiste Tú" was performed after "Reconciliación" and "Tarde (Sin Daños a Terceros)"; the latter was performed after "Fuiste Tú" on most dates.[17][18] "Te Conozco", "Te Quiero" and "Si El Norte Fuera El Sur" followed. Arjona then performed "El Problema" before leaving the stage, simulating the end of the concert. After a few minutes he returned, singing "Minutos" and "Mujeres" to close the show.[10][16][18]


Critical response[edit]

Singer, smiling woman and saxophonist on stage
Arjona singing to a woman selected from the public during concert in Santiago de Chile
Singer and accompanists on blue-lit stage
Arjona singing "Te Quiero" during concert in Guatemala City

The Metamorfosis World Tour was widely praised by critics and fans. Natalie Torres, of the newspaper Dia a Dia, said that "Arjona knows how to handle his 'girls', with a mix of attitudes from a 'rough' male and seductive lyrics."[23] Jon Pareles of The New York Times reported, "Arjona is one of Latin pop's finest lyricists: observant, nuanced, sometimes wry, sometimes melancholy and especially fond of the play of opposites...unlike some of his fellow Latin pop stars, Mr. Arjona is no saccharine lover boy."[24]

Aracely Chantaka of the Mexican newspaper La Vanguardia said after the show in Monterrey, "Arjona's metamorphosis has been noticeable throughout the years. He's not the same young man who sang in a bar accompanied only with a guitar. Today he's surrounded by a great production." She finally stated that "essentially he's the same: the one who sings to love."[10] The Argentine newspaper Clarín praised Arjona's rapport with his largely female audience after his two-year absence from Argentina.[15] The appearance of Gaby Moreno for "Fuiste Tú" was also praised by critics and fans, and was considered the highlight of the show.[25][26]


Between 31 March and 1 April 2012, Arjona toured Guatemala, his native country. The two concerts he presented in the Mateo Flores stadium were both sold out performances, becoming the first artist in Guatemalan history to achieve this feat.[27] As of 16 April 2012, his Metamorfosis World Tour has reached more than 400,000 fans, from which about 160,000 were only from his Buenos Aires tour dates on 12–15 April.[28] On 25 April, Arjona's show on Mendoza, Argentina accumulated an attendance of 24,000 people, breaking the record set by Luis Miguel 10 years prior, and thus becoming the highest-grossing artist ever on that province.[29] Hours before his performance on Mendoza, the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in which the concert was held, a fire burned close to one of the entries of the complex.[30]

Set list[edit]

Additional notes[edit]

  • The order of the songs performed varied.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
North America[31][32][33]
27 January 2012 Toluca Mexico Teatro Morelos
31 January 2012 Puebla Auditorio Siglo XXI
3 February 2012 San Luis Potosí El Domo
4 February 2012 Querétaro Auditorio Josefa Ortiz
10 February 2012 Mérida Centro de Espectáculos "Jardin Carta Clara"
12 February 2012 Cancún Estadio de Baseball "Beto Ávila"
15 February 2012 Tampico Expo Tampico
18 February 2012 Villahermosa Villahermosa Park
26 February 2012 New York City United States Madison Square Garden
2 March 2012 San Juan Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
3 March 2012
9 March 2012 Miami United States American Airlines Arena
14 March 2012 San Jose HP Pavilion
16 March 2012 Los Angeles Nokia Theatre
17 March 2012
20 March 2012 Monterrey Mexico Monterrey Arena
23 March 2012 Guadalajara Auditorio Telmex
24 March 2012 Mexico City Mexico City Arena
Latin America
29 March 2012 San Salvador El Salvador Estadio Magico González
31 March 2012 Guatemala City Guatemala Estadio Mateo Flores
1 April 2012
5 April 2012 Punta del Este Uruguay Hotel Conrad Resort
7 April 2012 Córdoba Argentina Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes
10 April 2012 Rosario Estadio Newell's Old Boys
12 April 2012 Buenos Aires Estadio Velez
13 April 2012
14 April 2012
15 April 2012
16 April 2012 Junín Centro Internacional de Eventos de La Sociedad Rural
19 April 2012 Santiago Chile Arena Movistar
20 April 2012
21 April 2012
22 April 2012
25 April 2012 Mendoza Argentina Estadio Malvinas Argentinas
27 April 2012 Comodoro Rivadavia Predio Ferial
29 April 2012 Neuquen Portal Patagonia Shopping
1 May 2012 Bahía Blanca Club Olimpo
3 May 2012 Santa Fe[34] Club Colón
5 May 2012 Corrientes[35] Club Huracán
6 May 2012
9 May 2012 Montevideo[36] Uruguay Estadio Charrua
10 May 2012
12 May 2012 Buenos Aires[37] Argentina Estadio Velez
15 May 2012 Santiago de Chile[38] Chile Arena Movistar
17 May 2012 Parque O'Hiigins[39]
18 May 2012 Concepción[40] Estadio Municipal
7 June 2012 Lima[41] Peru Jockey Club del Perú
9 June 2012 Arequipa[41] Jardin de la Cerveza Arequipa
20 June 2012 Guayaquil Ecuador Estadio Alberto Spencer
22 June 2012 Quito[42] Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa
26 June 2012 Valencia Venezuela Forum de Valencia
27 June 2012
29 June 2012 Caracas Terraza del C.C.C.T.
30 June 2012
1 July 2012
4 July 2012 Puerto la Cruz Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui
7 July 2012 Barquisimeto Complejo Ferial Bicentenario
10 July 2012 Maracaibo Palacio de Eventos
11 July 2012
13 July 2012 Mérida Estadio Metropolitano de Mérida
25 July 2012 Cali Colombia Plaza de Toros de Cañaveralejo
28 July 2012 Medellín Estadio Envigado
31 July 2012 Manizales Estadio Palogrande
2 August 2012 Bogotá Coliseo Cubierto El Campín
3 August 2012
8 August 2012 Bucaramanga Plaza de Toros
11 August 2012 Barranquilla Estadio Romelio Martinez
18 August 2012 San José Costa Rica Estadio Ricardo Saprissa
19 August 2012
23 August 2012 Panama City Panama Figali Convention Center
8 September 2012 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Estadio Quisqueya
North America II
22 September 2012 Miami[43] United States American Airlines Arena
20 October 2012 Durango[44][45] Mexico[46] Plaza Central
26 October 2012 Tijuana[47] Plaza Monumental de Playas
28 October 2012 Culiacán Foro Tecate
6 November 2012 Tampico Expo Tampico
8 November 2012 Monterrey Arena Monterrey
9 November 2012
10 November 2012 Torreón Coliseo Centenario
18 November 2012 Guadalajara[48] Auditorio Telmex
21 November 2012 Mexico City[49] Mexico City Arena
22 November 2012
23 November 2012
24 November 2012
27 November 2012 Puebla Auditorio Siglo XXI
Latin America II[46]
8 December 2012 Managua Nicaragua Estadio Nacional
13 December 2012 Tegucigalpa Honduras Estadio Chochi Sosa
15 December 2012 San Pedro Sula Estadio Francisco Morazán
North America III / Latin America III[50]
25 January 2013 San Juan Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
26 January 2013
30 January 2013 Puerto Ordaz Venezuela Polideportivo Cachamay
1 February 2013 Maturín Estadio Monumental de Maturín
7 February 2013 Washington, D.C. United States Patriot Center
9 February 2013 New York City Madison Square Garden
14 February 2013 Chicago Rosemont Theatre
20 February 2013 Grand Prairie Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
22 February 2013 Houston Toyota Center
26 February 2013 Phoenix Comerica Theatre
28 February 2013 Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
3 March 2013 Los Angeles Nokia Theatre
9 March 2013 Miami American Airlines Arena
23 March 2013 Guatemala City Guatemala Ciudad Cayala
27 April 2013 Asunción Paraguay Club Olimpia's Stadium

Cancellations and rescheduled shows[edit]

17 April 2012 Junín Argentina CIE La Sociedad Rural Rescheduled to 16 April 2012[51]
29 April 2012 Bahía Blanca Argentina Club Olimpo Rescheduled to 1 May 2012
14 May 2012[52] Tucumán Argentina Central Córdoba Cancelled due to logistical problems[53]
25 October 2012 Mexicali Mexico Cancelled for unknown reasons[54]

Attendance and box office[edit]

Venue City Tickets sold / available Gross revenue
Madison Square Garden New York City 13,556 / 13,556 (100%) $1,282,356[55]
José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum San Juan, Puerto Rico 26,973 / 26,973 (100%) $1,752,646[56]
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles 13,760 / 13,760 (100%) $1,211,600[57]
Madison Square Garden New York City 11,905 / 11,905 (100%) $1,371,732[58]
American Airlines Arena Miami 13,552 / 13,624 (99%) $1,287,331[58]
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles 13,109 / 13,109 (100%) $1,240,072[58]
Akoo Theatre Rosemont, Illinois 8,592 / 8,594 (99%) $781,450[58]
Patriot Center Fairfax 6,096 / 6,096 (100%) $585,030[58]
Toyota Center Houston, Texas 8,193 / 8,193 (100%) $530,335[58]
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, New York 8,296 / 10,858 (76%) $526,207[58]
Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie, Texas 5,102 / 6,333 (80%) $406,330[58]
Theatre for the Performing Arts Las Vegas, Nevada 5,990 / 7,099 (84%) $390,890[58]
Comerica Theatre Phoenix, Arizona 4,311 / 4,932 (87%) $335,509[58]
José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum San Juan, Puerto Rico 24,774 / 27,500 (90%) $1,742,082[59]
Totals 164,209/ 172,532 (95%) $13,443,570


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