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Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden (2018) poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Based onMeteor Garden, Boys Over Flowers (花より男子, Hana Yori Dango)]
Written bySharon Mao[1]
Directed byLin Helong[2]
Opening theme"For You" by Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), Darren Chen (官鸿), Caesar Wu (吴希泽), Connor Leong (梁靖康)
Ending theme"Love Exists" (爱,存在) by Kiki Wei (魏奇奇)
Country of originChina
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes
  • 49 (Netflix / DVD Version)
  • 50 (TV Version)
Producer(s)Angie Chai[1]
Production location(s)Shanghai, China
London, United Kingdom
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Star Ritz
  • Mango Entertainment[1]
  • Edko Films
Budget$33 million[1]
Original networkHunan Television (China)
Netflix (Worldwide, except Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand)
First shown inChina
Original release9 July (2018-07-09) –
29 August 2018 (2018-08-29)
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Meteor Garden II (2002, Taiwan)
Hana Yori Dango (2005, Japan)
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Hana Yori Dango Final (2008, Japan)
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Hana Nochi Hare: HanaDan Next Season (2018, Japan)

Meteor Garden (Chinese: 流星花园; pinyin: Liúxīng Huāyuán) is a 2018 Chinese television series starring Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, and Connor Leong. The series is based on the Japanese shōjo manga series Boys Over Flowers (花より男子, Hana Yori Dango) written by Yoko Kamio, and a remake of the 2001 Taiwanese series of the same name.[1] The series is produced by the maker of the original Taiwanese series Angie Chai and directed by Lin Helong.[3][2] It is set in Shanghai and London.

The series reboot was first broadcast in China on Hunan Television, then made available after its airing to VIP users of its streaming counterpart, Mango TV. The stream was then made available to everyone the day after it aired. Two episodes were released per day on a Monday to Wednesday basis. It is also available globally on Netflix, except for Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.


The story centers around an ordinary girl, Dong Shan Cai (Shen Yue), who is accepted into the most prestigious university in the country, Ming De University. Shan Cai is a girl from a family that barely makes ends meet. Due to the nature of her personality, she immediately clashes with F4, an elite clique composed of the four most popular boys in the institution, especially its spoiled, rich and arrogant leader - Dao Ming Si (Dylan Wang). Gradually, Dao Ming Si falls deeply in love with Shan Cai, only to realize that she is in love with one of his best friends, Hua Ze Lei (Darren Chen).

Eventually, the four boys begin to acknowledge Shan Cai's unyielding personality that is like her namesake: a weed that can never be brought down. Shan Cai begins to see the good in the boys, paving the way for friendships and an eventual romance. However, Dao Ming Si's mother strongly disapproves of Shan Cai due to her social status and family background, thus the former doing all things in order to break Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si's relationship.


The Chinese names of the characters are transcribed using official Pinyin transcription. Chinese surnames are Dong, Daoming, Huaze, Feng, Yan, etc. First names often consist of 1 or 2 characters. Examples are Shan Cai, Ming Si, Ze Lei, Mei Zuo, and Xi Men. There are about 20 Chinese compound surnames and this does not include Daoming. So the name of male lead is written as Dao Mingsi (道明寺), where Ming (明) is the generational name in the first name. This is the first of the two characters in the first names among all members which are cycled through the generations in this Dao family.


Actor Character Names Manga Character Characteristics
Shen Yue Dong Shan Cai


Makino Tsukushi The protagonist of the story. Dong Shan Cai is a freshman at Ming De University's Department of Food Science & Nutrition. She also works part-time at a bubble tea shop with her best friend, Xiaoyou. Shan Cai is a strong-willed, compassionate and bold girl who doesn't allow herself or others to be bullied. After angering Daoming Si, she receives the sacred 'Joker' card from F4, challenging her to a match of Contract bridge. Initially, she likes Hua Ze Lei, a member of F4 who comes to her rescue during her lowest moments. However, after a series of events, Shan Cai is moved by Dao Ming Si's sincerity and starts developing feelings for him. Due to her headstrong nature, she soon earns the respect of the F4 boys and becomes good friends with them. She is later stuck in a love triangle between Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei. She is known as Makino Tsukushi in the manga.
Dylan Wang / Wang He Di Dao Ming Si


Doumyouji Tsukasa The stubborn, hot-headed and arrogant leader of F4. Dao Ming Si is a senior at Ming De University's Department of Business Management. He comes from a wealthy and domineering family, and is being primed to take over the family's multinational corporation, Dao Ming Group. He took an interest in finance and earned his 1st million on the online stock market by the age of 18. He never fully matured, as his parents were absent for much of his life - his father died when he was in high school and hence, his mother was often busy overseas leading Dao Ming Group. At the beginning of the series, Dao Ming Si is spoiled, entitled and short-tempered, getting angry easily when something doesn't go his way. However, after an altercation with Shan Cai, he unknowingly falls in love with her due to her defiant stance to his bullying ways. He strives to protect Shancai at all costs and is willing to go to extreme ends to keep her safe. He is known as Domyouji Tsukasa in the manga.
Darren Chen / Guan Hong Hua Ze Lei


Hanazawa Rui The talented and quiet member of F4. Hua Ze Lei is a senior at Ming De University's Department of Music, unlike the other 3 members of F4 who study business. Also from a wealthy family, Hua Ze Lei has been friends with Dao Ming Si since they were young children. He is in love with his childhood friend, Teng Tangjing, who befriended him from a young age despite his quiet and withdrawn demeanour (due to his mild autism spectrum disorder). On the exterior, Hua Ze Lei appears cold, quiet, and indifferent to those outside his circle of friends.He later develops feelings for Shancai but she starts developing feelings for Dao Ming Si. He is known as Hanazawa Rui in the manga.
Caesar Wu / Wu Xize Yan Ximen


Nishikado Soujiro The playboy member of F4. Ximen is a senior at Ming De University's Department of Business Management, and an expert in tea culture. He is also a charming and prolific playboy, due to scars from his parents' failed relationship, his father's infidelity and an unresolved past with his first love. He later expresses interest in Shan Cai's best friend, Xiaoyou. He is known as Nishikado Sojiro in the manga.
Connor Leong / Liang Jingkang Feng Mei Zuo


Mimasaka Akira The mood-maker member of F4. Meizuo is a senior at Ming De University's Department of Business Management. He is lighthearted, enjoys making jokes, and has an incredible memory. Like Ximen, he is a flirtatious casanova. He expresses interest in Dong Shan Cai's impressive competitor in the Chinese Cuisine competition, Zhou Caina, who he dates for awhile before letting her go to her true love. He is known as Mimasaka Akira in the manga.


  • Wang Lin 王琳 as Dao Ming Feng 道明枫
  • Dee Hsu as Daoming Zhuang 道明莊
  • Li Jiaqi 厉嘉琪 as Jiang Xiaoyou 蒋小优
  • Liu Yinhao 刘尹昊 as Chen Qinghe 陈青和[4]
  • Dong Xin 董馨 as Li Zhen 李真
  • Sun Qian 孙千 as He Yuanzi[5] 何原姿 (小姿)
  • Lin Peng 林鹏 as Dong Danian 董大年 - Shancai's father
  • Zhang Li 张莉 as Shancai's mother
  • Sun Yihan 孙伊涵 as Teng Tangjing 腾唐静
  • Wang Runze 王润泽 as Tian Ye 田野
  • Blake Abbie as Thomas 托马斯
  • Wang Yunhua 王韵华 as Jiang Baihe 江百合
  • An Ziyi 安紫依 as Li Xinhui 李心惠
  • Yang Guang 杨光 as Yu Sao 玉嫂
  • Liu Ye 刘烨 as Zhou Caina 周彩娜
  • Wang Dong 王东 as Ye Mingchuan 叶明川
  • Zhao Huaran 赵奂然 as Yan Shunping 颜舜平 [6]
  • Jin Hao Chen 金澔辰 as Yan Zhibu 颜之步
  • Dai Yaqi 戴雅琪 as Geng Yifen 耿怡芬 (小更)
  • Cai Huiquan 蔡慧泉 as Young Dong Shancai 董杉菜(童年)
  • Liu Huahua 刘画画 as Young Daoming Si 道明寺(童年)
  • Zhang Bowen 张博文 as Young Hua Zelei 花泽类(童年)
  • Bei Jiaxin 裴佳欣 as Young Teng Tangjing 腾唐静(童年)



In April 2017, Angie Chai announced the remake of Meteor Garden, which she produced in 2001.[1] Prior to the announcement, Barbie Hsu hinted at the news on her Weibo account. Chai planned on making the remake a "fuller —and flashier— adaptation of the books".[7] The drama was budgeted at 720 million New Taiwan dollars (about US$24 million) with 15 million per episode, thirty times higher than the original.[1]

A casting call was announced on social media on June 21, 2017 with a video and the topic, "#FindingF4".[8] On November 7, 2017, the actors playing F4 were revealed, namely Dylan Wang (Daoming Si), Darren Chen (Huaze Lei), Caesar Wu (Yan Ximen) and Connor Leong (Feng Meizuo).[9] Shen Yue's role as Dong Shancai was unveiled at a press conference in Shanghai on November 9.[10]

Dee Hsu auditioned for the role of Daoming Feng and was cast as Daoming Zhuang. The role of Daoming Feng was eventually portrayed by actress Wang Lin (Lilian Wang).

On February 2018, it was announced that the director had been changed from Xu Fuxiang to Lin Helong.[2]

Original soundtrack[edit]

1."你要的爱 [深夜版] (The Love You Want [Night Version])"戴佩妮 (Penny Tai)04:21
2."For You"王鹤棣 (Dylan Wang), 官鸿 (Darren Chen), 吴希泽 (Caesar Wu), 梁靖康 (Connor Leong)03:32
3."等一个人 (Waiting For Someone)"林芯仪(Shennio Lin)04:21
4."流星雨 (Meteor Shower)"言承旭(Jerry Yan), 周渝民(Vic Chou), 朱孝天(Ken Chu), 吴建豪(Vanness Wu)04:34
5."创造回忆 (Creating Memories)"王鹤棣 (Dylan Wang), 官鸿 (Darren Chen), 吴希泽 (Caesar Wu), 梁靖康 (Connor Leong)05:17
6."从来没想到 (Never Thought Of)"王鹤棣 (Dylan Wang), 官鸿 (Darren Chen), 吴希泽 (Caesar Wu), 梁靖康 (Connor Leong)03:41
7."想都不用想 (Don’t Even Have to Think About It)"王鹤棣 (Dylan Wang)04:03
8."非同小可(Extremely Important)"王鹤棣 (Dylan Wang)02:51
9."花背后的温柔(The Tenderness Behind The Flower)"官鸿 (Darren Chen)03:53
10."星星数流星(Stars Counting Shooting Stars)"梁靖康 (Connor Leong)03:28
11."想你想到快疯了(Going Crazy Thinking About You)"吴希泽 (Caesar Wu)05:06
12."情非得已 (Emotional)"庾澄庆(Harlem Yu)04:33
13."想你想到快疯了 (Going Crazy Thinking About You)"高隽雅 (Clover Kao)04:14
14."爱,存在(Love Exists)"魏奇奇 (Kiki Wei)04:46
15."你要的爱(The Love You Want)"芙筱 (Fu Yan)04:03
16."River"Bishop Briggs03:34
17."Say Something"A Great Big World03:52
18."Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake)"Gareth Gates03:48



In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share (CSM52) Average audience share (National Average)
Ratings Audience share Ranking Ratings Audience share Ranking
1-2 July 9, 2018 1.126% 8.04% 4 1.11% 9.68% 3
3-4 July 10, 2018 1.032% 7.023% 4 1.11% 9.03% 4
5-6 July 11, 2018 0.991% 6.731% 5 1.12% 8.85% 4
7-8 July 16, 2018 0.931% 7.045% 6 1.1% 9.77% 3
9-10 July 17, 2018 0.919% 6.803% 8 1.12% 9.57% 4
11-12 July 18, 2018 0.983% 7.254% 8 0.97% 8.71% 4
13-14 July 19, 2018 0.922% 6.42% 9 1.12% 9.24% 4
15-16 July 23, 2018 0.861% 6.726% 9 0.97% 9.07% 5
17-18 July 24, 2018 0.893% 6.571% 8 1.09% 9.76% 4
19-20 July 25, 2018 0.969% 7.042% 8 0.99% 8.6% 3
21-22 July 30, 2018 0.916% 6.876% 6 1% 8.92% 4
23-24 July 31, 2018 0.914% 6.792% 5 1.09% 9.31% 4
25-26 August 1, 2018 0.872% 6.584% 6 0.81% 7.21% 5
27-28 August 6, 2018 0.824% 6.46% 7 0.89% 8.07% 4
29-30 August 7, 2018 0.781% 6.058% 7 0.92% 7.92% 4
31-32 August 8, 2018 0.792% 6.027% 6 0.97% 8.61% 4
33-34 August 13, 2018 0.756% 5.808% 7 0.84% 7.59% 5
35-36 August 14, 2018 0.749% 5.771% 5 0.78% 7.22% 4
37-38 August 15, 2018 0.669% 5.325% 6 0.72% 6.66% 4
39-40 August 20, 2018 0.751% 5.879% 3 0.77% 7.31% 3
41-42 August 21, 2018 0.709% 5.595% 3 0.69% 6.33% 3
43-44 August 22, 2018 0.592% 4.336% 7 0.57% 5.1% 5
45-46 August 27, 2018 0.713% 5.694% 7 0.61% 6.09% 3
47-48 August 28, 2018 0.586% 4.658% 4 0.6% 5.95% 4
49-50 August 29, 2018 0.707% 5.554% 8 0.6% 5.7% 4
Average 0.841% 6.32% 0.9% 8%

In China, ratings of at least 1.0% is considered high due to its large population and numerous tv share.


No. Overall No. in Season Original Airdate Summary
1 1 July 9, 2018 Eighteen-year-old Dong Shancai kicks off her first year at Ming De University with misadventures, drawing the ire of popular college heartthrob Daoming Si. She hopes to study nutrition to help her mother's food business. Ming De University is dominated by a group of 4 popular senior boys, known as F4. As students rush to take pictures of F4, Daoming Si unknowingly steps on and cracks the screen of Shancai's phone.

A senior describes the talents of F4. The F4 have introduced Contract Bridge Club to the College. The leader of F4, Daoming Si, is the heir of Dao Ming Group. He instils fear in his opponent and they are bound to make a mistake. Being the heir of the Dao Ming Group, he is pursuing business and finance. Huaze Lei has a talent of reading one's cards through their expressions, his sweet smile results in the defeat of his opponent. He is a student pursuing the Arts of Music. Feng Meizuo has a sense of humour and is a playboy. His carefree attitude results in the opponent's mistake and his win. He is studying business and has an impeccable memory. Yan Ximen is a casanova and a tea culture expert.

The senior also tells them about the fear they instill in their peers, but Shancai still goes to confront Daoming Si, the one who stepped on her phone. Instead, she accidentally pushes Mr. Bobbitt, an important speaker and visitor to the university and is sent home for the day. Later, Daoming Si orders 20 boxes of takeout from Shancai's mother's business. After she arrives, they bicker, and it culminates with him smashing one of the boxes on her neck. Once she leaves, she is assaulted by 2 men and is saved by Huaze Lei, another member of F4. The next day, Shancai returns to land a flying kick on Daoming Si's face, knocking him out. Daoming Si's friends, the F4, carry him home and leave him tied up in toilet paper as a prank.

After knocking out Daoming Si with one kick, Shancai becomes famous throughout the entire school. Shancai is puzzled when two men in suits extend her an invitation to Daoming Si's mansion. She wonders if it's a trick since the men claim that Daoming Si is ready to apologize and will buy her a new phone, but she gets in the car anyway. Upon her arrival, an army of stylists flock to her and after much poking and scrubbing against her will, Shancai emerges all made up in a cute outfit.

International broadcast[edit]

  • Philippines Philippines: ABS-CBN holds local distribution rights to the programme in the country.[11] It premiered on August 20, 2018 replacing The Blood Sisters. and ran until January 4, 2019, for 100 episodes (airing two halves of each 50 episodes every weeknight). The network also holds exclusive local rights for streaming through its Over-The-Top (OTT) service iWant, allowing viewers within the territory to catch up at their own convenience.[12] It also re-aired on Asianovela Channel on December 2, 2019.
  • Indonesia Indonesia: SCTV holds the rights to air the program throughout the archipelago.[13] It premiered on September 3, 2018. However, Asian OTT service Viu holds the separate streaming rights in Indonesia and started streaming on July 16.[14]
  •  Thailand: Broadcast on Channel 3 on weekdays from August 7, 2019 replacing Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.[15]
  •  Vietnam: Coming Soon

Elsewhere, the show also aired as a Netflix Exclusive under the Netflix Originals category and started streaming on July 13, 2018.


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