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Mick Rogers in Gelsenkirchen (2010)

Mick Rogers (born Michael Oldroyd, 20 September 1946, Dovercourt, Essex, England)[1] is an English rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, chiefly known for his time with Manfred Mann's Earth Band from 1971 to 1975, and from 1983 to the present.

His father was a drummer and his uncle a string bass player. The young Rogers was weaned on 1950s rock and roll.[2] Before MMEB he was a member of The Vision, which backed Adam Faith, and the Australian bands The Playboys, Bulldog, and Procession.[3][4]

After his initial departure from MMEB in 1975, he returned to Australia to work and then returned to the UK, where he formed the band Aviator with drummer Clive Bunker. They released two albums.

Mick has released two solo albums, "Back to Earth" (2002) and "Sharabang" (2013).


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