Mike Dixon (Brookside)

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Mike Dixon
Brookside character
Portrayed by Paul Byatt
Duration 1990–2003
First appearance 1 October 1990
Last appearance 28 October 2003
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Schoolteacher

Michael "Mike" Dixon is a fictional character played by Paul Byatt from 1990 until the end of the series in 2003. He was the eldest son of Ron (Vince Earl) and "DD" Dixon (Irene Mariot), and the brother of Tony (Gerald Bostock, later Mark Lennock) and Jacqui (Alexandra Fletcher).

Mike was involved in two major storylines in 1993, the most significant of which was his relationship with stepmother Bev McLoughlin (Sarah White) that resulted in the birth of their son Josh, who was originally believed to have been his brother. This resulted in the break-up of his father and stepmother's relationship.

1993 was also the year that Mike's younger brother Tony was left in a coma after a car crash which claimed the life of neighbour Frank Rogers (Peter Christian) in November. Tony died three months later having never regained full consciousness, and at the funeral Jimmy Corkhill (Dean Sullivan) confessed that he was the driver of the other car which had caused Frank's car to crash.

Mike later married Rachel Jordache (Tiffany Chapman) and their daughter Beth was born in early 2000. But another tragedy struck in December that year when Mike was badly injured in a car crash involving a stolen car being driven by Tim O'Leary (Philip Olivier). Clint Moffat (Greg Pateras) suffered a broken arm in the collision, while Robbie Moffat (Neil Davies) and Tim fled the scene uninjured. Mike had suffered a major spinal injury and used a wheelchair for six months after the crash, and even after leaving his wheelchair he spent several more months on crutches.

Mike's father Ron received a nine-month prison sentence for firearms offences in December 2001 (although he was cleared of alternative more serious charges of manslaughter and murder), and by the time Mike left the Close in 2003 he was rarely featured in significant storylines.

Mike later landed a job at Brookside Comprehensive as a teacher. After splitting up with Rachel, he witnessed the birth of his son, Michael Jr.

When Ron and Bev became engaged, Josh asked Ron if he would adopt him. Ron was flattered by the offer and agreed. Ron and Bev then got a solicitor to finalise the arrangements. Mike however refused to give his permission, preventing the adoption from taking place.