Sammy Rogers

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Sammy Rogers
Brookside character
Portrayed by Rachael Lindsay
Duration 1987–92, 1993, 1996, 2001–03
First appearance 7 December 1987
Last appearance 30 September 2003
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Teacher

Samantha 'Sammy' Rogers (previously Daniels) is a fictional character in the British soap opera Brookside. She was played by Rachael Lindsay.

Sammy first appeared in 1987 when, along with her family - mother Chrissy, father Frank , younger brother Geoff and younger sister Katie she moved to No.7. At the time, she was a pupil at Brookside Comprehensive School.

Determined to be independent, Sammy was keen to find a part-time job, and following an abortive attempt at cleaning for Harry Cross and Ralph Hardwick, she found an after-school job in a local supermarket, where she struck up a friendship with co-worker and fellow student Nisha Batra. She also developed an interest in animal rights, becoming a vegetarian and joining a local campaign group. Despite her parents' initial misgivings, they eventually rallied round, allowing her to join her campaign group on a national demonstration in London, and - following the family's move to No.5 - by experimenting with organic gardening.

During this time, she was pursued by local boy Owen Daniels, and they began dating in spring 1989. A significant ongoing storyline for Sammy, Owen and Nisha came in the summer of 1989, when, following a night out with a group of friends, they were involved in a serious car accident which killed the driver of their car (a young man whom one of their friends had just met in a nightclub). Sammy survived the incident with a broken arm, concussion and cuts and bruising and was released from hospital after a few days; however Owen remained in a coma for several weeks, during which time Sammy visited him regularly at the hospital. At the inquest some months later, it emerged that all the girls except Sammy had been somewhat economical with the truth in order to spare the feelings of the deceased's parents.

Sammy progressed to the Sixth Form of Brookside Comprehensive shortly after the accident, however she struggled to cope in the aftermath of the accident and turned to alcohol for a period.[1] After struggling with her studies, she left school part-way through her course and enrolled on a hotel management course. With her relationship with Owen having faded in the wake of his injuries and her alcoholism, she began a relationship with a much older man, Tim Darby - who had a daughter close to Sammy's age. However, the relationship did not last, and she reunited with Owen and soon fell pregnant. They married on the 6th of November 1991 . Sammy gave birth to daughter Louise on 5 June 1992.[2]


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