Military Families Against the War

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Military Families Against the War (MFAW) is an organisation of families of servicemen in the United Kingdom created to campaign for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq.

The group's mission statement sets out their objectives as follows:

Military Families Against the War is an organization of people directly affected by the war in Iraq. Our relatives and loved ones are members of the British Armed Services.

We are opposed to the continuing involvement of UK soldiers in a war that is based on lies.

We call on Tony Blair to withdraw our troops immediately.

The soldiers in Iraq and their families at home have the most at stake in this conflict. For some of us, our loved ones have been killed in Iraq.

Our brave men and women risk injury and death while our government continues an unjust war for political ends. We say quite simply this is wrong.

Bring our Troops Home Now!

A number of member families have recently launched an application for a judicial review under the Human Rights Act 1998, which if successful will open the way for a fully independent public enquiry into the Iraq war and would see senior ministers including Tony Blair called to face cross-examination.

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