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Miva CWA Rooms.JPG
Country Women's Association rooms
Miva is located in Queensland
Coordinates 25°57′28″S 152°29′32″E / 25.95778°S 152.49222°E / -25.95778; 152.49222Coordinates: 25°57′28″S 152°29′32″E / 25.95778°S 152.49222°E / -25.95778; 152.49222
Postcode(s) 4570
State electorate(s) Gympie
Federal Division(s) Wide Bay
Localities around Miva:
Munna Creek Munna Creek Paterson
Glen Echo Miva Theebine
Woolooga Sexton Scotchy Pocket

Miva is a locality split between the Gympie Region and the Fraser Coast Region in Queensland, Australia.[1][2]


Miva's eastern boundary is the Mary River. Its western boundary is the Bauple-Woolooga Road. Miva is almost entirely within the Gympie Region apart from a small section in the north-east of the locality which is part of the Fraser Coast Region. The lower parts of the locality near the river and along the valleys (elevation 20-70 metres are used for farming). The hilly land to the west rises to peaks of 100 metres and the hilly land to the south-east rises to a peak of 150 metres; the hilly land is undeveloped bushland. The former Kingaroy branch railway passed through Miva from the east to the south-west; Miva was served by the Miva railway station (25°57′30″S 152°29′30″E / 25.95833°S 152.49167°E / -25.95833; 152.49167 (Miva railway station)).[3][4]


The name Miva is taken from the name of a pastoral run belonging to Gideon Scott, a pastoralist in March 1851. It is thought to be an Aboriginal word indicating either stony knob or Moreton Bay chestnut.[1][2][5]

Miva Provisional School opened about 1888 becoming Miva State Schol on 1 Jan 1909. In 1922 became a halftime provisional school, sharing its teacher with the Sexton Provisional School, before closing in 1924. It reopened in 1926 as a provisional school, but closed finally about 1934.[6]

Miva Post Office opened by May 1908 (a receiving office had been open from 1888) and closed in 1976.[7]

Heritage listings[edit]

Miva has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:


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