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ModelSim is a multi-language environment by Mentor Graphics,[1] for simulation of hardware description languages such as VHDL, Verilog and SystemC, and includes a built-in C debugger.[2][1] ModelSim can be used independently, or in conjunction with Intel Quartus Prime, Xilinx ISE or Xilinx Vivado.[3] Simulation is performed using the graphical user interface (GUI), or automatically using scripts. [4]


Mentor HDL simulation products are offered in multiple editions, such as ModelSim PE and Questa Sim.

Questa Sim offers high-performance and advanced debugging capabilities, while ModelSim PE is the entry-level simulator for hobbyists and students.[1] Questa Sim is used in large multi-million gate designs, and is supported on Microsoft Windows and Linux, in 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.[1]

ModelSim can also be used with MATLAB/Simulink, using Link for ModelSim.[5][6] Link for ModelSim is a fast bidirectional co-simulation interface between Simulink and ModelSim.[6][5] For such designs, MATLAB provides a numerical simulation toolset, while ModelSim provides tools to verify the hardware implementation & timing characteristics of the design.[6]

Language support[edit]

ModelSim uses a unified kernel for simulation of all supported languages, and the method of debugging embedded C code is the same as VHDL or Verilog.[1]

ModelSim and Questa Sim products enable simulation, verification and debugging for the following languages:[1]


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