Monchhichis (TV series)

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Based onMonchhichis, by Yoshiharu Washino
Directed by
Voices of
Theme music composerHoyt Curtin
Opening theme"Monchhichis"
Ending theme"Monchhichis" (Instrumental)
Composer(s)Hoyt Curtin
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes13
Executive producer(s)William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Editor(s)Gil Iverson
Running time22 minutes approx.
Production company(s)Hanna-Barbera Productions
DistributorTaft Broadcasting
Original networkABC
Original releaseSeptember 10 –
December 24, 1983 (1983-12-24)

Monchhichis is an American animated series based on the stuffed toy line of dolls, released by the Japanese company Sekiguchi Corporation. Produced by Hanna-Barbera, it premiered on ABC on September 10, 1983 as part of The Monchhichis/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show, replacing Pac-Man (which by then, had been given its own half-hour time slot) from the previous season. The series aired as part of a package show with The Little Rascals and Richie Rich through the end of 1983, but as early as January 7, 1984, because of lower-than-anticipated ratings, the package show was split up into two separate half-hour shows - Monchhchis moved to 8:00 a.m. ET, switching slots with rebroadcasts of Scooby-Doo, the latter of which would move to 9:00 a.m. ET and The Little Rascals and Richie Rich remained in the 8:30 a.m. ET slot, as a downgraded package series The Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show for the remainder of the 1983-84 season.

An ad published in comic books designed to promote ABC's 1983-84 Saturday morning lineup listed The Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show and Monchhichis at 8:30 a.m. ET and 9:00 a.m. ET respectively, but this was never the case, as both those listed shows were actually consolidated into one package show.


The Monchhichis are monkey-like creatures who live in the forest land of Monchia at the very top of tall trees well above the clouds. The tribe's leader Wizzar is a magical wizard who can make up spells and potions to defeat their enemy, Horrg and the evil Grumplins of Grumplor.

Voice cast[edit]

List of episodes[edit]

# Title Written by Original air date
1"Tickle Pickle"Dick Robbins and Bryce MalekSeptember 10, 1983 (1983-09-10)
The Grumplins fly over Monchia and shut down their Happy Works. The Monchhichis require a new tickle crystal to put the Happy Works back in operation.
2"TooToo Trouble"Dick Robbins and Bryce MalekSeptember 17, 1983 (1983-09-17)
3"Double Play"Bob LanghansSeptember 24, 1983 (1983-09-24)
4"Swamp Secret"Douglas BoothOctober 1, 1983 (1983-10-01)
5"Dueling Wizzars"Dick Robbins and Bryce MalekOctober 8, 1983 (1983-10-08)
6"Thumkii's Pet"Donald F. GlutOctober 22, 1983 (1983-10-22)
7"Misfit Grumplin"Evelyn A-R GabaiOctober 29, 1983 (1983-10-29)
8"Jingle Pods"TBANovember 5, 1983 (1983-11-05)
9"Moncho's Gift"Dick Robbins and Bryce MalekNovember 19, 1983 (1983-11-19)
10"Cloud City"Douglas BoothDecember 3, 1983 (1983-12-03)
11"Helpless Hero"Evelyn A-R GabaiDecember 10, 1983 (1983-12-10)
12"Grumpstaff Grief"Larry ParrDecember 17, 1983 (1983-12-17)
13"Charm Alarm"Dick Robbins and Bryce MalekDecember 24, 1983 (1983-12-24)

Home Media releases[edit]

An episode of the show ("Tickle Pickle") was released as part of Saturday Morning Cartoons: The 1980s DVD set by Warner Home Video in 2010. On April 18, 2017, Warner Archive released Monchhichis: The Complete Series on DVD in region 1 for the very first time, as part of their Hanna-Barbera Classics Collection. This is a Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release, available exclusively through Warner's online store and[1]

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