Mont Blanc de Courmayeur

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Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur seen from above La Thuile
Elevation 4,748 m (15,577 ft)
Prominence 18 m (59 ft)[1]
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur is located in Italy
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
Range Graian Alps
Coordinates 45°49′44″N 6°52′10″E / 45.82889°N 6.86944°E / 45.82889; 6.86944Coordinates: 45°49′44″N 6°52′10″E / 45.82889°N 6.86944°E / 45.82889; 6.86944
First ascent 18 August 1822 by Frederick Clissold with Joseph-Marie Couttet, David Couttet, Pierre-Marie Favret, Jacques Couttet, Jean-Baptiste Simond and Matthie Bosonney.[2][3]

Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (Italian: Monte Bianco di Courmayeur) (4,748 m), is a point on the south-east ridge of Mont Blanc that forms the peak of the massive south-east face of the mountain. It is connected to the main summit via the Col Major (c. 4,730 m).

Despite its minimal topographic prominence, it appears as the second-highest peak in the Alps on the official list of Alpine four-thousanders of the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA) for its impressive appearance and its importance for mountaineering.[1]

The peak can be reached from the main summit over the Bosses ridge. The ascents over the south-east / Peuterey and south / Brouillard ridges are very challenging.

Mont Blanc de Courmayeur is marked as lying entirely within Italy on the Italian Istituto Geografico Militare (IGM) map,[4] while on the French Institut Géographique National (IGN) map the summit lies on the border between France and Italy.[5] A demarcation agreement, signed on 7 March 1861, defines the local border between France and Italy. Currently this act and the attached maps are legally valid for both the French and Italian governments.[6]


  • Refuge Aiguille du Goûter (3,817 m)
  • Bivacco Eccles (3,850 m)
  • Rifugio Monzino (2,590 m)


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