Montenegrin mafia

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Montenegrin mafia
TerritoryThe Balkans; Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia
EthnicityMontenegrins, Montenegrin Bosniaks, Montenegrin Albanians, Montenegrin Serbs
Criminal activitiesArms trafficking, assault, drug trafficking, extortion, fraud, human trafficking, murder, prostitution, theft.

The Montenegrin mafia (Crnogorska mafija) refers to the various criminal organizations based in Montenegro or composed of Montenegrins. There are 700 documented organized criminals operating within Montenegro; outside of the country Montenegrin gangs are active throughout Europe-notably Serbia and Slovenia. The gangs tend to specialize in cigarette smuggling, narcotics and arms trafficking.

Crime syndicates[edit]

The Montenegrin police have just recently begun documenting and taking action against the many criminal gangs within Montenegro, discovering a vast network of powerful cartels and groups that play a central role in organized crime within the Balkans.[1]

Podgorički Klan[edit]

In Podgorica there are four prominent gangs, each loosely working with one another.

The Đurašević Brothers

Maljota, Toma Marko Đurašević and Zoran Bukilic were leaders of a group whose "specialty" is drug smuggling from Albania. They additionally smuggle weapons and export stolen luxury cars into Albania. They are associated with the other prominent gangs in Podgorica, also doing business with the Nikšić Mob, Serbian and Albanian mafia.

The Drešaj Brothers

Leon and Viktor Drešaj run a drug cartel based in Podgorica, dealing with major heroin trafficking from Albania into Montenegro. They work closely with the Đurašević Brothers and together control the transit of illicit drugs across the Montenegrin border into the rest of the Balkan states.

In 2006 during operation Poskok they were arrested along with Maljota Đurašević and several other gangsters for possession and intent to sell illegal narcotics.[2]

The Đoković organization

One of the most powerful men in Podgorica is Mehmed "Bela" Đoković, an alleged boss of a criminal organization from Podgorica. His organization has been known to deal with human trafficking (primarily Albanians and Kosovars being illegally smuggled into Western Europe and America). The police believe "Bela" to be involved in the Đurašević-Drešaj drug trafficking operation as well.

The Šekarić Clan

The organization are primarily involved in smuggling, arms trafficking, protection rackets and illegal gambling. The group are organized in the horizontal manner and higher-ranked members are not necessarily coordinated by any leader.[3] The organization has a local reputation to have connections with corrupt high-ranking men in Herceg Novi Regional Police Unit. [4]

The Lambulić Brothers

Brothers Vjeko and Jugoslav Lambulić control a drug-dealing operation, operating in Switzerland, funneling money back to Montenegro. In 2003 they opened up a business firm and restaurant in Podgorica, using these locations as fronts to hide their source of income.

Vjeko was recently arrested in Belgrade, wanted by Interpol and Swiss police for drug dealing. In court he was tried for smuggling three and a half kilos of Cocaine and Money Laundering and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

During the trial the police found a hidden 120,000 euros, to which Jugoslav claimed he won a million marks at a Belgrade casino.[5]

Barski Gang[edit]

The Podgoricans are heavily affiliated with the gangs of Bar, who the Montenegrin police claim in recent times have taken over much of the Montenegrin underworld. The Bar gangs noticeably have a higher level of organization, financial means and connections throughout Montenegro and the rest of Europe. There are two main cartels based in the city of Bar.

The Bar Kartel

The larger of the two main gangs in Bar, the "Bar Kartel" is allegedly led by three individuals: Saša Boreta, Ljubo Bigović and Armin "Mušo" Osmanagić. This gang is known in Bar for its violence and is believed to have strong connections to organized criminal groups in the Belgrade underworld as well as the surrounding ex-YU countries, Albania, Western Europe and South America. It is believed the Bar Kartel deals with Extortion, Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking. Reputed lower-ranking members being Ljubo Vujadinović and Alen Kožar.

The Bar Kartel were responsible for many high-profile criminal acts in Montenegro, such as the murder of the Montenegrin Police Commissioner Slavoljub Šćekić and the bombing of Hotel Splendid during its construction.[6]

The Ivanović Brothers

The other gang from Bar is controlled by brothers Dragoslav and Duško Ivanović, whose primary focus is Narco-Trafficking and Loansharking.

The Nikšić Mob[edit]

Also in the drug business is the Nikšić Mob or "Kvartaši"; some known members are: Željko Kovačević, Radovan and Petar Cerović, Rajko and Radovan Baćović . It is believed that the Nikšić Mob is the largest criminal organization within Montenegro, reputedly active in Drug Trafficking, Distribution, Extortion, Loansharking, Gambling and Arms Dealing. They work mainly with the Podgorica groups and the Bar Cartels.

There have been two attempts on mobster Predrag "Krcko" Krcunović's life: the first was a few days after Orthodox Christmas in mid-day, in front of a crowded Café and hundreds of pedestrians. Krcko was shot at 8 times however managed to escape untouched.[7] The second attempt was later that year in the center of Nikšić, Krcko was shot at while entering a taxi cab. The cab door riddled with bullet holes, Krcko survived the attack unscathed.[8]

In 2008, a man was shot at in the streets of Nikšić by reputed Nikšić mobster Miloš Radulović, the shots missed-hitting the 12-year-old Milica Đokić and critically wounding her. Later the man's car was found in flames.

The Rožaje Group[edit]

With the strife in nearby Kosovo and the financial means, a gang in Rožaje became very wealthy and powerful very quickly. This group deals almost completely in trafficking heroin from Albanians. The leadership of the group is divided between two sets of brothers, the Musić and Bećiragić. Members include: Mersad Zejnelagić, Sead Lukač and Safet Kalić, many of the members operate outside of Montenegro.

The Berane Mob[edit]

This gang based in the town of Berane largely operates outside of the country. They deal mostly in drug distribution, dealing cocaine and heroin in Serbia and Western Europe (notably Sweden). Arrested and reputed members include: Vuk Vulević, Milan "Čila" Šćekić, Vukšan Cemović, Velibor Popović, Enes Korać, Branislav "Nano" Ivanović, Dragan Labudović, Draško Vuković, Boris Laban, and the Rajović brothers (Radisav, Goran i Srđan). Rivals of the Rajović brothers are the Marsenić brothers (Vojislav, Vladan and their cousins). Their rivalry began in 1996 when one of the Rajović brothers was wounded. Then in 1997 one of Marsenić brothers, Komnen "Koka" Marsenić was shot and killed by the Rajović brothers, and his friend, also one of Berane's tough guy-Zoran "Zoko" Vasović was wounded. Shootings between these families happened in 1996,1997,1998 (when the Marsenić family tried to take revenge for Komnen's death in front of the court), and in 2000 when an innocent bystander was killed.

Also, there are many names, with no criminal history, known as "shadow people", and have a good relationships with both sides.

The Berane group works mainly outside of the country,and Berane's tough guys are widespread across Europe, mainly Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, even in Latin America.

Montenegrin Mafia diaspora[edit]


With a large Montenegrin community, Serbia is host to many Montenegrin criminals and gangs. Operating mainly in the capital of Belgrade and Montenegrin enclaves in southern Serbia, these groups largely deal with the smuggling of narcotics and weapons. Some of these groups are also considered a part of Serbian Mafia. The issue is part of the controversy over ethnic and linguistic identity in Montenegro.

The Belgrade faction[edit]

On September 10, 2009 Montenegrin businessman Branislav Šaranović was shot to death outside of his apartment in Belgrade.Although mainly residing in Budva, Montenegro, Branislav owned a casino in Belgrade made close ties to Brano Mićunović and Milo Đukanović.[9]

Reputed gangster Brano Mićunović is rumored to be the boss of the Montenegrin mafia.

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