Monthly Shōnen Ace

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Monthly Shōnen Ace
Categories Shōnen manga[1]
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 83,334 (2009)[2]
First issue 1994
Company Kadokawa Shoten
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Official site (in Japanese)

Monthly Shōnen Ace (月刊少年エース, Gekkan Shōnen Ēsu) is a monthly shōnen manga magazine in Japan published by Kadokawa Shoten, started in 1994. Unlike the big shōnen weeklies with circulation figures in the millions, Ace is aimed at a less mainstream audience, and has a particular emphasis on anime tie-ins. There's a fair amount of Ecchi featured in the magazine, while only a few series are action oriented.

Manga artists and series featured in Shōnen Ace[edit]


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