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Morris L. Venden
Born April 5, 1932
Portland, Oregon
Died February 10, 2013(2013-02-10) (aged 80)
College Place, Washington
Education Pacific Union College
Spouse(s) Marilyn Venden
Children Lee Venden, Lynn Venden, and LuAnn Venden
Parent(s) Melvin and Ivy Ruth Venden
Church Seventh-day Adventist
Offices held

Morris L. Venden (April 5, 1932 – February 10, 2013) was a well-known Seventh-day Adventist preacher, teacher, and author, who also was known as a member of the Voice of Prophecy team as an associate speaker.


Venden was born to Melvin Venden and Ivy Ruth Venden.[1] He graduated from Fresno Adventist Academy in 1949, and received a degree from Pacific Union College, as well as several honorary degrees. He died on February 10, 2013, in College Place, Washington succumbing to FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia), a rare form of dementia.[2]

He pastored several large churches such as the La Sierra University Church and Pacific Union College Church on the campus of Pacific Union College in California, and Union College Church in Nebraska. Later he pastored the Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church near Loma Linda, California, from which he retired in August, 1998.[3]

Venden then joined the Voice of Prophecy team as an associate speaker. As well as appearing on Voice of Prophecy radio broadcasts, he was also a highly sought after speaker both nationally and internationally.

One source described him as a "master" of the art of preaching amongst Adventists.[4] Tapes of his sermons have been distributed widely.[3]

Venden was married to Marilyn, and together they ministered mostly to students and young professionals.[3] His son Lee is also a pastor.[5]

Venden was a strong advocate of both justification and sanctification by faith alone. He also was a strong supporter of the Pillars of Seventh-day Adventism including the investigative judgment. He is famous for his parables and dry humor. As a young minister he was deeply influenced by H. M. S. Richards, Jr., the founder of the Voice of Prophecy radio program.


Venden published more than 30 books.[3] Many discuss the meaning of theology for the personal life.[6]

  • 1979, From Exodus To Advent
  • 1982, How to Make Christianity Real
  • 1982, The Pillars, Pacific Press
  • 1982, The Return of Elijah, Pacific Press
  • 1983, Obedience of Faith, Review and Herald.
  • 1983, To Know God: A 5-Day Plan. Review and Herald. ISBN 0-8280-0220-7
  • 1984, Common Ground, Review and Herald.
  • 1984, Uncommon Ground, Review and Herald.
  • 1984, Higher Ground, Review and Herald.
  • 1984, What Jesus Said About ...., Pacific Press
  • 1986, How Jesus Treated People, Pacific Press. ISBN 0-8163-0621-4
  • 1986, Parables of the Kingdom, Pacific Press
  • 1986, Your Friend, the Holy Spirit, Pacific Press
  • 1991, Hard to Be Lost, Pacific Press
  • 1996, Never Without an Intercessor, Pacific Press, Update of Good News and Bad News about the Judgment
  • 1999, Faith That Works. Review and Herald. ISBN 0-8280-1435-3
  • 2005, Why Didn't They Tell Me?: Sharing Jesus Isn't Something We Do, It's Who We Are. Pacific Press. ISBN 0-8163-2080-2
  • More About Jesus Seminar, vol. 1., vol. 2., and vol. 3., DVD with his son Lee Venden.
  • It's Who You Know. Pacific Press. ISBN 0-904748-46-4

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