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This article is about the song by Dschinghis Khan. For the song by Rammstein, see Reise, Reise.
Single by Dschinghis Khan
from the album Dschinghis Khan[1]
B-side Moskau (German Version)[2]
Released 1980
Genre Disco
Length 4:30
Label 7 Records / Image (5)
Writer(s) Ralph Siegel
Producer(s) Bernd Meinunger
Single by Dschinghis Khan
from the album Dschinghis Khan
B-side Rocking Son Of Dschinghis Khan[3]
Released 1979
Genre Disco
Length 4:43[4]
5:58 (Album)
Label BMG
Writer(s) Ralph Siegel
Producer(s) Bernd Meinunger
Dschinghis Khan singles chronology
"Dschinghis Khan"
"Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot"

"Moskau" is a German-language single by the German pop-act Dschinghis Khan (known as Genghis Khan in Australia and other countries[5][6][7][8]) released in 1979. There was also an English-language version released in 1980 which was entitled "Moscow".


Moskau – the German-language version[edit]

"Moskau", the German-language version of the song, appears on their 1979 self-titled album Dschinghis Khan and their 1980 album Rom. The album version clocks six minutes, but the single version is four and a half minutes long.[9]

Moscow – the English-language version[edit]

The song was released in an English-language version entitled "Moscow" in Australia in 1980, the year of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.[4] Australia's Channel 7 used the song as the theme to their television coverage of the Moscow Olympics, and the single was issued locally in a die-cut Channel 7 paper sleeve.[10] The song became a big hit in Australia, staying at #1 for six weeks.


The song also achieved an enormous underground popularity in the Soviet Union. A 15-second clip of the song's performance was shown as a part of the New Year holiday lineup on the state-run TV, leading to the immediate dismissal of the network's director.[11]

In 2006, the song made its video game debut as a playable song in Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2. It is also a featured track in Just Dance 2014.

It was also played at the opening at Eurovision 2009 at Moscow, Russia for Semi Final 2.


  • The song has also been covered by German black metal band Black Messiah.[12]
  • In Finland "Moskau" is very well known as "Volga" and it has been recorded numerous times by various artists like Juhamatti, Kari Tapio and Frederik.
  • An Estonian band Meie Mees covered the song as "Moskva".
  • This song was also covered by Hong Kong pop singer George Lam as "Olympics in Moscow" (Chinese:世運在莫斯科).
  • In China a version with altered lyrics called Fen Dou[13] (奋斗) was made by Da Zhangwei (大张伟).
  • Georgie Dann made a Spanish version in 1980[14]
  • The chorus of the HammerFall song "At the End of the Rainbow" (originally written by Martin Albrecht and Andy Mück of Stormwitch) from the album Legacy of Kings seems partly inspired by the chorus of "Moskau".
  • John Carpenter covered the tune for his movie The Fog.
  • In live performances of their song "Sacrament of Wilderness," the symphonic metal band Nightwish plays a riff from Moskau at about the three-minute mark of the song.[15]
  • In the Czech Republic, the parody band Los Rotopedos produced a cover of the song in 2012. Los Rotopedos subsequently qualified to the top ten in the Český slavík song competition.[16]
  • Swedish group Vikingarna recorded a cover in Swedish, "Moskva", in 1980.[17]
  • In 2013 song was covered by Dancing Bros. and used in the video game Just Dance 2014.
  • In 2014, the song was used in a viral video "Voldemort's Amazing laugh song" where a snippet of laughter from Voldemort, the villain in the well known Harry Potter series, was sampled and put on top of the Moskau melody. [18]


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