Mount Tambo

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Mount Tambo
Mount Tambo.jpg
Mount Tambo
viewed from Benambra
Highest point
Elevation 1,430 metres (4,692 ft) AHD
Coordinates 37°00′28″S 147°48′29″E / 37.00778°S 147.80806°E / -37.00778; 147.80806Coordinates: 37°00′28″S 147°48′29″E / 37.00778°S 147.80806°E / -37.00778; 147.80806
Mount Tambo is located in Victoria
Mount Tambo
Mount Tambo
Victoria, Australia
Parent range Great Dividing Range

Mount Tambo is a mountain located to the north-east of Omeo in Victoria, Australia.[1] Its peak is 1,430 metres above sea level.[2] It lies within the boundaries of the 6,050 hectare Marble Gully – Mount Tambo Nature Conservation Reserve.[2]

The 2,740 hectare Mount Tambo Reserve was listed on the Register of the National Estate in 1990.[3]

Rare plant species found in Marble Gully – Mount Tambo Nature Conservation Reserve include Marble Daisy Bush, Delicate New Holland-daisy, and Limestone Pomaderris.[4]

To the near north-east is Little Mount Tambo (1,227 metres). The headwaters from Deep Creek, which feeds in to the Tambo River, are on the south-east slopes.[2]

It marks the intersection of the boundaries of the counties of Benambra, Dargo and Tambo.[2]

While travelling with Georg Neumayer's expedition to Mount Kosciuszko in 1862, the painter Eugene von Guerard produced a sketch Mt Tambo & Omeo Swamps 10 Nov 62[5] and later an oil painting Mount Tambo from the Omeo Station 1862.

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