Mount Useful

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Mount Useful
Mount Useful is located in Victoria
Mount Useful
Mount Useful
Highest point
Elevation 1,436 metres (4,711 ft) AHD  (approx.) [1]
Coordinates 37°41′56″S 146°30′8″E / 37.69889°S 146.50222°E / -37.69889; 146.50222Coordinates: 37°41′56″S 146°30′8″E / 37.69889°S 146.50222°E / -37.69889; 146.50222[2]
Location Victoria, Australia
Parent range Great Dividing Range

Mount Useful is a mountain located to the west of Licola in Victoria, Australia.[2] The summit lies within the Mount Useful Natural Features and Scenic Reserve which was established in 1979 and covers 354 hectares (875 acres).[3] The mountain has basalt cliffs with columnar jointing on the east and south-east sides.[4]

A fire lookout tower and a communications tower (primarily utilised by Telstra) are located on the summit.[5][6]

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