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Developer(s)The GNU Project
Stable release
4.0.21 / November 24, 2018; 11 months ago (2018-11-24)
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Operating systemUnix-like
LicenseGNU GPL

Mtools is an open source collection of tools to allow a Unix operating system to manipulate files on an MS-DOS file system, typically a floppy disk or floppy disk image.[citation needed]

The mtools are part of the GNU Project and are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


The following refers to mtools usage in floppy images. (Useful for virtual machines such as QEMU or VirtualBox.)

Copying a file to floppy image:

$ mcopy -i Disk.img file_source ::file_target

Copying a file from floppy image to the current directory:

$ mcopy -i Disk.img ::file_source file_target

Deleting all files in the disk image

$ mdel -i Disk.img ::*.*

The drive character : (colon) has a special meaning. It is used to access image files which are directly specified on the command line using the -i options.[1]

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