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Music of India
A Lady Playing the Tanpura, ca. 1735.jpg
A Lady Playing the Tanpura, c. 1735 (Rajasthan)


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Jharkhand's music tradition consists of various folk and tribal forms, is known for its diversity. People of Jharkhand are very fond of music and dance.

Jhumair is one of the major folk forms of Jharkhand. Jhumair in Jharkhand share a lot with the Jhumair forms of the Purulia and the Bankura districts of West Bengal and also some of the neighboring states of Bihar. Jhumair is typically a folk performance, performed to the accompaniment of traditional instruments like Madal, Nagara. They are performed on harvest season and festivals and usually deals with the theme of love and romance. Domkach is another folk music which performed in wedding. It accompanied by musical instruments such as Nagara, Dhak and Shahnai.[1][2]


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