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Music of India
A Lady Playing the Tanpura, ca. 1735.jpg
A Lady Playing the Tanpura, ca. 1735 (Rajasthan)
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Sikkim is a state of India. It is a center for western-style music in India, and has been since the rise of bands like Orchids and Naren Rasaily's Flickers, beginning in 1968 with the members like Thuckchuk Lachungpa, late Atuk and Paul. Later in the early 1970s, Atuk left the band and new members Tenzing gyatso and Gopal tamang joined the band and similarly the band was renamed as 'stone-age comedy'. This period ended in 1973, though it was revived in 1982 by Naren with a name 'Orion'with members Mahesh mokthan, Mahesh chettri, Raju pradhan and late Tashi pakhrin. later Dev raj cintury replaced Tashi. Again in 1989 the band was renamed as 'snow white' with. Sunil pradhan on vocals. In 1995, Naren took the young band 'the soul survivor' to competitions like the IIT, Kharagpur and won the runners-up. During this period 1965-1995, Naren and his band of boys performed in many competitions like the IIT, Karagpur, the J.S Beat contest in Darjeeling in 1972. The band was very impressive in shows at gangtok and darjeeling. The band performed with the keyboardist Christopher Masand. They performed at American Club and Marine House in Kathmandu. they performed in SRCC, delhi in the year 1989. Naren was awarded 'The Best Lead Guitarist' in IIT, Kharagpur and other competitions. The band performed at many competitions, occasions and venues Sikkim is largely Nepali and popular Nepali singers Bejamin Rai, and Sukmit Lepcha are followed. Another popular act is Sikkim's Star (C. B. Gurung, Bhanu Gurung, and Kailash Gurung).

Sikkim is also famous for OldSkoolThrash Metal. Bands like Damage Era and CATW plays this music.