NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championship

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NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championship
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Founded 1981
Number of teams 24
Current champions Middlebury (2)
Most successful club(s) TCNJ (11)
Television broadcasters ESPNU
2015 NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championship

The NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championship is an annual single-elimination tournament conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association to determine the national champion of women's Division III collegiate field hockey in the United States. The tournament has been held every year since 1981.[1]

The tournament also included teams from Division II between 1984 and 1991 due to a lack of programs in that division; the NCAA Division II Field Hockey Championship resumed in 1992.

The most successful team is The College of New Jersey, with 11 titles. Middlebury are the current champions, having defeated Bowdoin in the 2015 final, 1–0.[2]


Currently, 24 teams compete in each national championship tournament. The first three rounds are played at campus sites on the fields of higher-seeded teams. The semifinal and championship rounds are held at a pre-determined site. The 2014 and 2015 finals were hosted in Lexington, Virginia by Washington and Lee University.


NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championship
Year Site
(Host Team)
Championship Third Place Match / Semifinalists
Champion Score Runner-up Champion Score Runner-up
1981 Westfield, MA
(Westfield State)
Trenton State 2–0 Franklin & Marshall Westfield State 3–2
1982 Elizabethtown, PA
Ithaca 2–1
(2OT, PS)
Trenton State Franklin & Marshall 2–0 Denison
1983 Ithaca, NY
Trenton State (2) 2–1 Ithaca Franklin & Marshall 1–0 Denison
1984 Trenton, NJ
(Trenton State)
Bloomsburg 3–2 Messiah Ithaca, Trenton State
1985 Madison, NJ
Trenton State (3) 1–0 Millersville Bloomsburg 4–1 Drew
1986 Trenton, NJ
(Trenton State)
Salisbury State 3–2 Bloomsburg Trenton State 1–0 Bentley
1987 Geneva, NY
(William Smith)
Bloomsburg (2) 1–0 William Smith Salisbury State 1–0 Southern Maine
1988 Trenton, NJ
(Trenton State)
Trenton State (4) 3–2
(2OT, PS)
Bloomsburg Salisbury State 2–0 Cortland State
1989 Cortland, NY
(SUNY Cortland)
Lock Haven 2–1 Trenton State Cortland State 3–2
(2OT, PS)
St. Lawrence
1990 Bloomsburg, PA
Trenton State (5) 2–1 Bloomsburg Messiah 2–1 Lock Haven
1991 Trenton, NJ
(Trenton State)
Trenton State (6) 1–0 Bloomsburg Hartwick 3–2 Lock Haven
1992 William Smith 1–0 Trenton State Messiah 1–0
Salisbury State
1993 Fredericksburg, VA
(Mary Washington)
Cortland State 1–0 Mary Washington Trenton State 1–0 Trinity (CT)
1994 Grantham, PA
Cortland State (2) 2–1 Trenton State Messiah 1–0
1995 Trenton, NJ
(College of New Jersey)
Trenton State (7) 2–1 Messiah Eastern Mennonite 3–2
1996 College of New Jersey (8) 2–1 Hartwick Cortland State 3–0 Lebanon Valley
1997 Annville, PA
(Lebanon Valley)
William Smith (2) 3–0 Cortland State Lebanon Valley and Messiah
1998 Geneva, NY
(William Smith)
Middlebury 3–2
William Smith Rowan and Trinity (CT)
1999 Trenton, NJ
(College of New Jersey)
College of New Jersey (9) 4–1 Amherst Cortland State and Springfield
2000 Salisbury, MD
William Smith (3) 1–0 Springfield Rowan and Salisbury
2001 Springfield, MA
Cortland State (3) 1–0 Messiah College of New Jersey and Skidmore
2002 Rowan 1–0 Messiah College of New Jersey and Salisbury
2003 Annville, PA
(Lebanon Valley)
Salisbury (2) 4–1 Middlebury College of New Jersey and Cortland State
2004 Westfield, MA
(Westfield State)
Salisbury (3) 6–3 Middlebury Middlebury and William Smith
2005 Lexington, VA
(Washington & Lee)
Salisbury (4) 1–0 Messiah Bowdoin and Ursinus
2006 Geneva, NY
(William Smith)
Ursinus 3–2 Messiah Bowdoin and Lebanon Valley
2007 Collegeville, PA
Bowdoin 4–3 Middlebury Lebanon Valley and Salisbury
2008 Bowdoin (2) 3–2
Tufts Messiah and Ursinus
2009 South Hadley, MA
(Mount Holyoke)
Salisbury (5) 1–0 Messiah Tufts and Ursinus
2010 Newport News, VA
(Christopher Newport)
Bowdoin (3) 2–1
(2OT, PS)
Messiah Skidmore and Urisnus
2011 Dudley, MA
College of New Jersey (10) 3–1 Middlebury Bowdoin and Ursinus
2012 Geneva, NY
(William Smith)
Tufts 2–1 Montclair State DePauw and Mary Washington
2013 Norfolk, VA
(Old Dominion)
Bowdoin (4) 1–0 Salisbury Christopher Newport and Skidmore
2014 Lexington, VA
(Washington & Lee)
College of New Jersey (11) 2–0 Bowdoin Middlebury and Salisbury
Middlebury (2) 1–0 Bowdoin TCNJ and Ursinus
2016 Geneva, NY
(William Smith)
2017 Louisville, KY
(Bellarmine and Louisville)

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