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NES Four Score
A NES Four Score
DeveloperNintendo, Hori
GenerationThird generation
Release date1990 (1990)
InputNES controller port
Controller inputNES controllers
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System
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The NES Four Score is a multitap accessory created by Nintendo in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Select games can utilize it to enable up to four-player gameplay.[1] The NES Four Score is similar to the previously introduced NES Satellite, a device that allows four players to connect to the NES and extends the range using infrared wireless communication.

Prior to the advent of multitap support on NES, the NES games which support more than two players, require the players to pair up and then alternate turns while sharing the same pair of NES controllers. Some games that originally feature support for more than two players, such as some arcade games, support only two simultaneous players in their NES versions.

The NES Four Score plugs into both controller ports on the NES console and allows input of up to four NES controllers. On the NES Four Score, there is an option to switch between two-player and four-player modes, and there are turbo A and B buttons that give any of the connected controllers a rapid-fire boost. The NES Four Score can also be used as a controller extension cable because the wire which leads from the accessory to the NES is several feet in length.[2]


These licensed games are compatible with the NES Four Score, for more than two concurrent players:

These homebrew games are also compatible:

4-Players Adaptor[edit]

The 4-Players Adaptor[a] is a licensed peripheral released for the Famicom in Japan by Hori.[6] It is the Famicom's equivalent to the NES Four Score.[7] Its purpose is to allow up to four players to play simultaneously in compatible games by allowing for additional controllers to be connected through the console's expansion port. The adapter also features a switch that allows the first two players to use external controllers in lieu of the standard Famicom controllers, giving each player the choice to use an external controller. Many of the titles in Technōs Japan's Kunio-kun series support the adapter.


Non-compatible games[edit]

The following games are notable as having three or more variously alternating or simultaneous players despite not making use of the NES Four Score or NES Satellite. Some are also expected to have three or more simultaneous players because of the existence of the Four Score option coupled with the facts of being released after the Four Score's availability, and one or more of versions of the game for other systems had this feature (i.e. not using the Four Score for four-player games published later seems irrational).


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