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NFL Football 1988 NES cover.jpg
Cover art
Composer(s)Hirohiko Takayama[3]
SeriesNational Football League
Genre(s)Traditional football simulation[2][4]
Multiplayer (up to two players[5])

NFL is a 1989 football video game, developed by Atlus and published by LJN exclusively for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Gameplay modes[edit]

The game features a side view of the on-field action.

This game was the first since NFL Football - released in 1979 for the Intellivision - to get an official National Football League license. Intending to loosely represent the 1988-89 season of the National Football League, the game uses the teams and play formations of that particular era while avoiding usage of the players' names, due to a lack of an NFLPA license, which was given to Tecmo's Tecmo Bowl.[1][5]

The player could play one of four options, either Interconference, AFC and NFC game or the Super Bowl (specifically Super Bowl XXIII). Along with the option to choose a package to play during the game, players can directly control the entire team at once. This game was one of the first NFL video games on a gaming system.[1] The game employs a side-scrolling system for the actual gameplay and allows players to assign handicaps to a human opponent that is not equally skilled as they are.


Allgame gave the game a 2.5 out of 5 rating in their overview.[6]


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