National Professional Basketball League (2007–08)

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National Professional Basketball League (NPBL)
Sport Basketball
Founded 2007
Inaugural season 2007
Ceased 2008
No. of teams 8
Country United States
Continent FIBA Americas (Americas)
Elmira Bulldogs (1st title)
Most titles Elmira Bulldogs
Hudson Valley Hawks (1 title each)

The National Professional Basketball League, often abbreviated to the NPBL, was an American men's professional basketball minor league featuring teams from the East Coast of the United States which played for two seasons.

A few of the teams in the NPBL have left and joined the Eastern Basketball Alliance (EBA). The 2009 season never was played. Initially the league's plan was to move the season to the fall and winter during the more traditional basketball season, but the season was never played. There is no additional information on if and when the league will continue.

Some NPBL rules[edit]

  • Twenty second Shot Clock
  • Only one time out per quarter and no carry overs.
  • Twelve player maximum roster.
  • Only 2 players are All-Star players/Captains per team.
  • Mandatory 3 Officials per game.
  • Seven second Half Court violation.
  • Two mandatory media time outs. (One per half)

League Champions by Year[edit]

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