Nationale Handelsbank

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Nationale Handelsbank
Industry Financial Services
Fate part nationalized and part acquired
Successor In Indonesia Bank Umum Negara, the remainder AMRO Bank
Founded 1863
Defunct 1960
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Products Commercial banking and Retail banking
Former Hong Kong branch c.1908

The Nationale Handelsbank was a Dutch bank that was established to financing trade between the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies. After operating independently for nearly a hundred years, the parts in Indonesia, were nationalized by the Indonesian government and the remainder was acquired by the Rotterdamsche Bank in 1960 and would be absorbed into AMRO Bank.[1]


  • 1863: The Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank was established in 1863 to finance and handle trade with the Netherlands East Indies (NEI). It had its head office in Amsterdam to which the branches outside the NEI reported. The branches in the NEI reported to the head office in Jakarta.
  • 1901: The bank established a branch in Singapore. Until 1914, this was the main entrepot for the NEI. Smaller coastal vessels then shuttled back and forth between Singapore and ports in the NEI.
  • 1906: The bank established a branch in Hong Kong. Before World War I Hong Kong was a major transshipment point for raw sugar from NEI on its way to British refineries.
  • 1920: The bank established branches in Bombay, Calcutta, Shanghai, and Kobe, all based on the cotton trade to Japan.
  • 1921-22: The bank established branches in Tokyo and Yokohama.
  • 1922-23: The bank opened additional branches in China at Amoy and Swatou. The branch at Swatou only operated for a few years.
  • 1924: The bank closed the Yokohama branch after the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake.
  • 1938: The bank established a branch in Manila.
  • 1948: The bank established a branch in Bangkok for the rice, tea and shellac trades. At around this time the branches in China closed after the defeat of Kuomintang government.
  • 1950: The bank changed its name to Nationale Handelsbank. It closed the branch in Manila, which had enjoyed a brief boom after World War II but now was no longer promising.
  • 1952: The branch in Kobe was still functioning but it closed sometime thereafter.
Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank branch in Semarang Indonesia between 1921 and 1926


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