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New Blood
Peter Gabriel - New Blood.jpg
Studio album by
Released10 October 2011
Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire
Ladbroke Temple
AIR Lyndhurst Hall, Hampstead
Studio IndieKing, Stockholm
GenreSymphonic rock
LabelReal World/Virgin
ProducerPeter Gabriel
John Metcalfe
Peter Gabriel chronology
Scratch My Back
New Blood
Live Blood
Deluxe Edition cover
Peter Gabriel - New Blood (Deluxe Edition).jpg

New Blood is the ninth studio album by the English rock musician Peter Gabriel, released on 10 October 2011. The album consists of orchestral re-recordings of various tracks from throughout Gabriel's career.


The album continues the project Gabriel began with his previous album, Scratch My Back, which was orchestral covers of other artists' songs. The idea came about after rearranging Gabriel's songs for orchestra for the second half of shows on the Scratch My Back Tour of 2010. For this album Gabriel continued to work with arranger John Metcalfe. He originally planned to rerecord the songs with home-made instruments, but did not find the range and tone of expression available in existing instruments.

"I really didn't want to make this new album all about the hits," Gabriel explained to Mark Blake. "So there's no 'Sledgehammer'… I was unsure at first about 'Red Rain' and about doing 'Don't Give Up' without Kate, but then it felt like it would fit. In the end it worked."[1]

The album features a new song, "A Quiet Moment", which originated in his desire to separate "Solsbury Hill" – remade due to huge demand – from the rest of the album. Originally three minutes of silence were to separate "Solsbury Hill", but it was thought this would confuse people, and Gabriel decided that "A Quiet Moment" would work better.

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleOriginally fromLength
1."The Rhythm of the Heat"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security), 19825:41
2."Downside Up" (featuring Melanie Gabriel)OVO, 20003:52
3."San Jacinto"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)6:58
4."Intruder"Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt), 19805:07
5."Wallflower"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)6:25
6."In Your Eyes"So, 19867:13
7."Mercy Street"So5:59
8."Red Rain"So5:16
9."Darkness"Up, 20026:10
10."Don’t Give Up" (featuring Ane Brun)So6:40
11."Digging in the Dirt"Us, 19924:57
12."The Nest that Sailed the Sky"OVO3:54
13."A Quiet Moment"Previously unreleased4:48
14."Solsbury Hill" (bonus track)Peter Gabriel 1 (Car), 19774:35

Bonus tracks[edit]

Special Edition Disc 2
No.TitleOriginally fromLength
1."The Rhythm of the Heat" (Instrumental)Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)5:41
2."Downside Up" (Instrumental)OVO3:52
3."San Jacinto" (Instrumental)Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)7:12
4."Intruder" (Instrumental)Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)5:06
5."Wallflower" (Instrumental)Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)6:24
6."In Your Eyes" (Instrumental)So7:13
7."Mercy Street" (Instrumental)So, 19866:00
8."Red Rain" (Instrumental)So5:16
9."Darkness" (Instrumental)Up6:10
10."Don’t Give Up" (Instrumental)So6:40
11."Digging in the Dirt" (Instrumental)Us4:58
12."The Nest that Sailed the Sky" (Instrumental)OVO3:54
13."Blood of Eden" (Bonus track)Us6:05
digital download bonus track
No.TitleOriginally fromLength
1."Signal to Noise"Up7:46
digital download bonus track
No.TitleOriginally fromLength
1."Father, Son"OVO4:10
Deluxe Edition Discs 1/2 (New Blood: Live in London)
No.TitleOriginally fromLength
1."Intruder"Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)5:59
2."Wallflower"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)7:29
3."The Boy in the Bubble" (written by Paul Simon & Forere Motloheloa)Scratch My Back, 20104:35
4."Après Moi" (written by Regina Spektor)Scratch My Back5:16
5."The Drop"Up2:58
6."Washing of the Water"Us4:20
7."The Book of Love" (written by Stephin Merritt)Scratch My Back3:54
9."The Power of the Heart" (written by Lou Reed)Scratch My Back6:36
10."Biko"Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)6:54
11."San Jacinto"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)7:44
12."Digging in the Dirt"Us6:01
13."Signal to Noise"Up8:46
14."Downside Up"OVO6:29
15."Mercy Street"So6:47
16."The Rhythm of the Heat"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)6:54
17."Blood of Eden"Us6:31
18."Red Rain"So7:11
19."Solsbury Hill"Peter Gabriel 1 (Car)6:15
20."In Your Eyes"So8:27
21."Don’t Give Up"So8:32
22."The Nest that Sailed the Sky"OVO6:48
Deluxe Edition Discs 4 (Live Blood – Live Recording)
No.TitleOriginally fromLength
1."The Rhythm of the Heat"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)6:47
2."Mercy Street"So6:11
3."Digging in the Dirt"Us5:09
4."Signal to Noise"Up9:39
5."Intruder"Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)4:47
6."Biko"Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)7:31
7."San Jacinto"Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)7:43
8."Solsbury Hill"Peter Gabriel 1 (Car)6:34
9."In Your Eyes" (featuring Sevara Nazarkhan)So7:24
10."Don’t Give Up" (featuring Ane Brun)So7:18


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars[3]
American Songwriter2/5 stars[4]
Consequence of Sound4/5 stars[5]
The Guardian3/5 stars[6]
The Independent3/5 stars[7]
musicOMH3.5/5 stars[8]
PopMatters6/10 stars[10]
Uncut3/5 stars[2]
USA Today3/4 stars[11]

In The Independent, Andy Gill gave the album three stars out of five and commented, "The prevailing tones are of awed wonder – the aspirant nobility of Downside Up, the dancing woodwind of San Jacinto and In Your Eyes – or expectant tension, most notably in the emotional storm-surges of Red Rain and The Rhythm of the Heat."[7]

Writing for the Evening Standard, Pete Clark awarded the album four stars out of five and stated, "In typical Gabriel fashion obvious choices have been avoided: no Sledgehammer or Biko here. Instead, he and arranger/composer John Metcalfe have opted for songs that might best benefit from the grown-up treatment. Mostly, it is a great success."[12]

In The Word, David Hepworth stated the album was more successful than Scratch My Back, writing "John Metcalfe's stern string arrangements frame the drama of songs like San Jacinto, In Your Eyes and Red Rain, though there is a tendency for any rhythmic strings to sound like Bernard Hermann soundtracks to Hitchcock movies. Good for an open-topped car ride across the Yorkshire Dales while you're playing hide and seek with the sun."[13]


Chart (2011) Peak
Australian Albums Chart[14] 64
Polish Albums Chart[15] 14
UK Albums Chart[16] 22
US Billboard 200 30


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