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Newford is a fictional North American city, the setting in many of Charles de Lint's works of urban fantasy. De Lint generally avoids writing about cities that he has not been to; however, his hometown of Ottawa did not afford him the necessary freedoms for certain stories, and he began to set them in an "unnamed" big city. After several such stories, he named the city and expanded his development of it.

Canadian readers tend to think of Newford as an American city, while Americans usually think of it as Canadian, as it incorporates elements of both. However, de Lint has stated that he chose to definitively give it the American legal system.[1]

Books set in Newford, by internal chronological order[edit]

  • Dreams Underfoot (collection) (1993)
  • The Dreaming Place (1990)
  • A Whisper To A Scream (originally credited to Samuel M. Key) (1992)
  • I'll Be Watching You (originally credited to Samuel M. Key) (1994)
  • Memory And Dream (1994)
  • The Ivory And The Horn (collection) (1995)
  • Trader (1997)
  • Someplace To Be Flying (1998)
  • Moonlight And Vines (collection) (1999)
  • Forests Of The Heart (2000)
  • Tapping the Dream Tree (collection) (2002)
  • The Onion Girl (2001)
  • Spirits in the Wires (2003)
  • Medicine Road (2003)
  • The Blue Girl (2004)
  • Widdershins (2006)
  • Make a Joyful Noise (2006)
  • The Hour Before Dawn (collection) (2005)
  • Old Man Crow (2007)
  • Little (Grrl) Lost (2007)
  • Promises to Keep (2007)
  • Dingo (2008)
  • Muse and Reverie (collection) (2009)


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