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The Ngarabal are an Aboriginal people of the area around Glen Innes in northern New South Wales, Australia.



The Ngarabal's territory covered an estimated 1,000 sq. miles of land, from Tenterfield to Glen Innes. It included the Beardy River.[1]


The Ngarabal were closely related to the Jukambal, and it is possible that they may have constituted a western group of Band societyhordes of the latter, though authorities like A. Radcliffe-Brown have stated that they formed a distinct tribal unit.[1]

Recent activities[edit]

The Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council manages approximately 3000 hectares of land near Strathbogie[citation needed] including The Willows, and the adjoining property Boorabee, which is owned by Boorabee Aboriginal Corporation, of which all members are Ngarabal people.[2] The Ngarabal people recognise the koala as a totemic species, and the koala is found in The Willows and Boorabee. Within the area there are nine different cultural sites of importance to the Ngarabal people.[3]

The Willows is home to Marlow Hill named after the 'Marlow' (Marlo/Marno/Marlowe) Aboriginal family. The Willows is located near the Strathbogie Station, Emmaville, known as a 'safe place' for many Aboriginal people, and the former Nucoorilma Mission, where many Ngarabal people lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and holds great significance for the Ngarabal community today.[4]

They are the traditional custodians of the Glen Innes area in Northern New South Wales, Australia.[citation needed]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Ngoorabul. [5]
  • Ngarrabul.
  • Narbul.
  • Marbul. (This name is believed to be either a result of mishearing the pronunciation, or a typographical mistake).[1]