Nicholas Kazan

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Nicholas Kazan
Born 1950 (age 64–65)
New York
Spouse(s) Robin Swicord (2 children, Zoe, Maya)

Nicholas Kazan (born 1950) is an American screenwriter, film producer and director.

Kazan was born in New York. He is the son of director Elia Kazan, and his first wife, playwright Molly Kazan (née Mary Day Thacher). He married Robin Swicord, a writer, producer, actress, and director, in 1984. His daughters are actresses Zoe Kazan and Maya Kazan. Through his mother, Kazan is a direct descendant of classicist and college administrator Thomas Anthony Thacher, Yale president Jeremiah Day, and founding father Roger Sherman.

Kazan, a noted playwright, premiered his newest work, Mlle. God (2011), in Los Angeles with the "Ensemble Studio Theatre-LA". Kazan's "dark comedy" re-invents "Frank Wedekind"'s seminal “Lulu” character. He noted his inspiration came "most of all by "Louise Brooks"' luminous comic performance" of the character.[1]


  • Showboat 1988 (1977): Screenplay / Released / Living Legend Productions
  • Frances (1982): Screenplay / Released / Universal Pictures
  • At Close Range (1986): Screenplay / From Story/ Released / Orion Pictures
  • Patty Hearst (1988): Screenplay
  • Reversal of Fortune (1990): Screenplay / Co-Producer/ Released / Warner Home Video; nominated for an Oscar
  • Mobsters (1991): Screenplay / Released / Universal Pictures
  • Dream Lover (1994): Director / Screenplay/ Released / Gramercy Pictures
  • Matilda (1996): Screenplay / Co-Producer/ Released / TriStar Pictures
  • Homegrown (1998): Screenplay / Released / TriStar Pictures
  • Fallen (1998): Screenplay / Executive Producer/ Released / Warner Home Video
  • Bicentennial Man (1999): Screenplay / Released / Touchstone Pictures Home Video
  • Enough (2002): Screenplay / Released / Sony Pictures Releasing
  • The Whole Truth (2015): Screenplay


  • "Some people think of me in terms of my father. A lot of people aren't aware of him. I never mention him. I'm me. If you want to deal with him, deal with him. After struggling as a writer in Berkeley for many years, sending out scripts where nothing would happen, I decided I was foolish not to use my family contacts. My father set up meetings ... Nothing came of them. I heaved a big sigh. I didn't want to be looking over my shoulder, trying to decide, if I got any success, whether I deserved it. Now I know that whatever's come to me, I've worked very hard and done it completely myself."—From a 1991 interview in Movieline.


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