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North Seattle College
PresidentDr. Warren J. Brown (Ed.D)
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North Seattle College (NSC, widely known as North Seattle) is a four-year college in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the three colleges comprising the Seattle Colleges District and part of the Washington Community and Technical Colleges system.[1] The college has strong and extensive science, engineering, and technology programs.

Founded in 1970, NSC is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and offers extensive academic programs, as well as more than 40 career training, continuing education, and college preparation programs. The Seattle Community Colleges District Board of Trustees voted unanimously in March 2014 to change the name of the District to Seattle Colleges and to change the name of the college to North Seattle College.[2]


NSC programs include academic degrees, college prep and transfer, cross-disciplinary, continuing and senior adult education,[3] business, early childhood education, electronics and engineering, information technology, health and medical, nanotechnology, and real estate professions. NSC is also home to the Watch Technology Institute, the only two-year program in the art of Swiss watchmaking and technology in the Western United States.[4] NSC also provides Running Start, where high school Juniors and Seniors can take college classes to earn high school credits as well as college credits.

Since 2010, as part of a new Washington State educational initiative, North Seattle College began offering Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree programs to students that have previously completed a two-year degree.[5]


The North Seattle College main campus occupies 62 acres, including 11 acres (45,000 m2) of environmentally sensitive wetlands, in the Licton Springs/North College Park neighborhood of the Northgate district of Seattle.[6] The campus is five miles (8 km) north of the Seattle city center. The college is easily accessed from Interstate 5, and several King County Metro bus routes.

NSC campus consists of various academic, athletics & supporting facilities:

  • The Library at North Seattle College was founded in 1970. As of 2017 it contains over 174,000 volumes (books, media, serials) in the physical and digital collection along with 40 plus databases that provide access to many thousands of scholarly, popular, trade and newspaper articles.[7]
  • The Computer Lab facilities & laboratories
  • North Seattle Indoor Arena, Physical Education, gymnasium, fitness & wellness center
  • NSC Bookstore
  • NSC Dining Hall & Cafeteria


The North Seattle College Wetlands sit at the South Fork of Thornton Creek and are important ecological lands for the Thornton Creek watershed as they work as a sponge to hold surge flows of water as well as filtering out pollutants. The wetlands serve as a critical habitat for many species including the Pacific Tree Frog and Long-toed salamander, as well as several species of avian and plant life.[8]

Bellybutton Hedgehog Mushroom (Hydnum Umbilicatum), North Seattle College

Currently, there is a system of crude trails that get you to and through most of the wetlands habitat. The main trail is a loop that walks around the northern part of campus. There are spurs that branch off of this main loop trail. An interpretive trail is in progress and a map is available with points of interest for those wishing to explore the wetlands further.[9]

Harefoot Mushroom (Coprinopsis lagopus), North Seattle College

A wide variety of native and non-native plant species can be observed throughout the main campus and surrounding wetlands habitat. There are many mushrooms growing in and around the wetlands. Some notable species include Redlead Roundhead (Stropharia aurantiaca), Harefoot Mushroom (Coprinopsis lagopus), Fiber Caps (Inocybe mixtilis), Shaggy Parasol (Chlorophyllum olvieri), and Bellybutton Hedgehog (Hydnum umbilicatum).

Nootka Rose (Rosa Nutkana), North Seattle College

Wetlands shrub life includes Snowberry Shrubs (Symphoricarpos albus), Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus discolor), Burning Bush (Eunonymus alatus), and Nootka Rose (Rosa Nutkana). Campus and wetlands are also home to many plants such as Sumac (Rhus Species), Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum), and Common Horsetail (Equisetum arvense).

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